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Have you ever seen a picture of a film star, such as an Annie Leibovitz photograph of some celebrity from a magazine? Chances are very good that the picture has been photoshopped.

## Inserting vector graphics into documents

Inserting vector graphics into a document is very similar to inserting raster images, with the major exception that you can create vector graphics. Vector graphics, unlike raster images, are generally very well suited to scaling and resizing, a quality that is more often than not a wishlist item for a print designer.

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However, it’s not just Photoshop users who will use this software – even graphic designers may use Photoshop Elements or other graphics editors for creating video clips, websites and other visual projects.

The software is a complete image processing program that has comprehensive video editing, animation, photo retouching and the ability to create your own graphics.

If you’re looking for something that will be powerful yet easy to use, or if you like to use Photoshop for creating art, you’ll find a wealth of features in Photoshop Elements.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, Adobe has created a professional tools that won’t let you down. We’ve carefully selected the best Photoshop Elements features to help you build high-quality photos and videos. We’ve included some of the coolest editing tools, as well as some of the essentials you need to get started.

Let’s take a closer look at the best Photoshop Elements features.

1. Retouch images

Just like regular Photoshop, Photoshop Elements has all the tools you need to retouch your photos. These include a range of filters, brush tools and the ability to paint using the magic wand tool.

You can also use clone and healing tools for touch-ups of your photos. It’s pretty easy to use and you’ll be able to create realistic results with the brush.

You can use the following Photoshop Elements features to edit your images:

Editing using the curves palette

Painting with the magic wand tool

Using the brush to paint color or blur areas in photos

The clone and healing tools

Using a soft brush or a crinkling filter

Retouching using the clone tool or healing tool

Retouching using brushes

Editing using the liquify tool

Using the liquify tool to create smooth transitions of color

Editing using the clone tool or healing tool

Using the brush to paint color or blur areas in photos

Using the Liquify tool to create smooth transitions of color

2. Create art

Photoshop Elements has tons of tools and features designed specifically for creating your own photos or art.

You can make a wide range of artistic and creative projects. For example, you can turn a photo of your dog into a fun sticker. You can also turn a photo of a flower into a 3D pot.


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‘shade, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Since most of us can’t handle the cold that stays in the higher elevations, Canada from about 3000 ft. up to the tree line at 4700 ft. is a little short on flowers and leaves during the colder months. But since our summer temperatures can range from 0 to +30, and we get quite a bit of rain, of course we have lots of leaves and flowers when the weather warms up.

In the summertime, one of the best ways to see lots of different plants is to wander around the local streets.

Lets take a look at some of the most common flowers in Southern California.

Plant Density

This is a good indicator of what the rest of your year will look like:

Just look at how many of these are blooming now!

Yet, this is not how the year will look in all of California:

Avalanche lily

I love the variety of this plant and have seen it in a variety of colors over the years.

Vandick’s lily

I also love this plant and has seen it in many colors. These will be harder to find as you go towards the mountains.

Snow Trillium

Although this plant is more common in the Mountains, it will also be easy to see on a few streets in Southern California.

Common Snow Trillium

Snow Angelica

Snow Angelica can be seen as early as March around here.

Great Blue Poppy

This flower is one of the easiest to find and has a lovely fragrance.

Yellow Bells

This is one of the earliest to bloom and can be found in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as San Diego.


I love the large, blooming ones that are easy to find along the roads.

Blazing Star

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This would be one of the easiest flowers you’ll see in any area, whether it’s Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area or the mountains.

Golden Monkeyflower

This plant is common in most areas, but will be easier to find in areas where there are more plants, like the cany

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Can an input be used to conditionally assign it’s value?

I’m trying to make a game in JavaScript and I’m having trouble with an onclick event. Everytime I click on a div, I want that div to have a “true” value on the isClicked attribute. This is how I’m doing it right now, but it doesn’t seem to do anything:
function addToClicked(var anObject){
anObject.isClicked = true;

function removeFromClicked(var anObject){
anObject.isClicked = false;

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Pass a function to your methods.
Let’s say you have an element with an id of #switch, everytime you click on #switch it’ll change that.isClicked property.
function addToClicked(var anObject) {
// do something
// and as well as change it’s value
anObject.isClicked = true;

function removeFromClicked(var anObject) {
// do something
// and as well as change it’s value
anObject.isClicked = false;

function clickHandler() {

function click1() {

function click2() {
// because it is a function, it’ll be executed when the click event happens
// instead of calling document.getElementById(‘switch’)


Reading file in System namespace from a Powershell script

I would like to read a local file from my script. The file doesn’t exist in any known location, and I’m using Powershell 4.0.
I have tried a couple of different methods to accomplish this:
$file = [System.IO.File]::ReadAllText(“C:\foobar.txt”);

$shell = New-Object -ComObject “Shell.Application”
$folder =

System Requirements For Photoshop Polygon Shapes Download:

Xbox One
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– 1 GB – Includes all content in Starter Pack plus a copy of the full


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