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Unlike Photoshop, Photoshop Elements is not a full-featured image editor. Instead, it’s a beginner-level photo editor with basic tools and easy-to-follow tutorials. However, it does have some features that Photoshop lacks, such as the ability to resize an image by specifying percent changes, which enables you to keep an original image crop the same size while simply changing its proportions.

Adobe Photoshop has a number of available options and settings, including the following:

Adjustment Layers: Adjustment layers enable you to make modifications to an image in a very specific way. For example, an Adjustment Layer can add a tint, set a blur, soften the image’s edges, or add vignette. You can make adjustments in a few different ways. You can move an adjustment layer to any area within the image or layer, which gives you fine-grain control over the change. You can also apply an adjustment layer to all the pixels in an image or specific areas such as the highlights or shadows.

Save for Web and Devices: This feature enables you to take an image, compress it in several different ways, and then output it in several different file formats. It’s a great feature if you want to send an image to someone by e-mail without using a web server, and then you want to take the image and save it to a flash drive.

Print Production: This feature enables you to create resized images and create PDF files and JPEGs. You can also print on a variety of different sizes.

Page Setup: This feature enables you to create and print pages from scratch. It also enables you to create and print custom pages.

Drawing Tools: This feature allows you to sketch in images or make freehand drawings using a pen tablet or stylus.

Content-Aware Fill: This feature enables you to automatically correct image defects such as dark spots, holes, and so on.

Smudge Tool: This tool enables you to apply a pencil or paintbrush-style effect to an image to add a drawing.

Liquify: This feature allows you to change the shape of objects or objects’ parts using physics.

Photoshop Elements has a number of available options and settings, including the following:

Adjustment Layers: This feature enables you to make image adjustments similar to those found in Photoshop. You can add a tint, set a blur, soften the image’s edges, or add vignette. You can

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4 Ways to Use Photoshop for Photography

Before we get into it, just to clarify – this isn’t a guide on using Photoshop for photography (like we did here or here). We’ll be focusing on some of the everyday tasks that a photographer might need Photoshop for.

Create web images

Web designers are the ones who really use Photoshop for these kinds of images, since they require lots of retouching. However, we do come across plenty of photoshopped images in our everyday lives too.

So, what are some of these tasks you might need Photoshop for?

Add text to an image

Save images for the web and social media

Create higher resolution images from existing ones

Work in black and white or monotone images

Create beautiful patterns

This list of everyday tasks is only the tip of the iceberg.

Read all about it in our tutorial on Photoshop for photographers.

Add text to an image

This is the most straightforward way to use Photoshop. With Photoshop’s text tool, you can edit the text within an image. You can even add layer styles or blend them to make them stand out against the rest of the image.

As you add each new text layer, you can automatically add drop shadows and background colors from within Photoshop.

If you want the text to be transparent, you can add an alpha channel to it in the Layers panel. If you want to leave it black or white, just select the shape, and uncheck ‘Contains color’ in the Layers panel.

If you want to add a type effect like a neon background, use the font style.

Looking for all the other options? Check out this tutorial.

Save images for the web and social media

As a photographer, you are likely to work on multiple high-resolution images at any one time. This is because you are editing them, as they will be used in other applications.

You can use Photoshop for this.

You can quickly save it to JPEG, JPEGx, PNG, TIFF, PSD, PSBX, GIF, MIFF, RAW, RAR, PIC, and BMP, as well as to AVI, MP4, M4V, MOV, FLV, WMV, MP3, and WMA formats.

Additionally, you can check out the automatic Save As

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Would it be possible to avoid this kind of “polling” and “up-voting” and just let the community rate quality?


I’d say that’s a rather broad question. You can certainly try to have your application accepted if you don’t match the profile of the site, and even if you do it, the application may just be closed for violating the charter. In such cases, you can always be sure that you’re ‘playing it safe’ when posting.
But it’s not a big deal to miss out the site. There’s enough people and content to have a wide variety of people, and it’s a site that can cover pretty much everything there is in Computer Science. You could even add both this and that. So it’s not like you are missing out to something that’s’special’.


So I’ve never been active on Programmers.SE, but I’ve noticed a pattern of those who are accepted, tend to do an additional things they might not have done before, like saying why the answer is correct, or giving examples.
It’s possible that sites like Programmers.SE could benefit from that too.

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Study leader Dr Michael Wessels from the University of Queensland said the fossil was an important link in the history of an early group of dolphins in Australia.

The fossilised fossil of Hammannup dolphin

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If confirmed, this latest discovery would be the oldest fossil of a species of dolphin in Australia, and at least the second oldest in the world.

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The Hammannup dolphin was about 0.6 metres (2 feet) long, and weighted around 130 kilograms.

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Dr Wessels said the dolphin’s name changed as Australian taxonomists changed their opinions on the group’s relationships.

“The Hammannup dolphin was originally thought to be quite closely related to other species of dolphin that lived in the South-East Asian region at around the same time.

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“The skull is fairly small and includes a zygomatic arch that connects the cheek and upper jaw, and a relatively small brain case.”

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“The fossil is from about 3 million years old. So it provides a connection between the earliest known Delphinidae, which lived until very recently, and the modern species that we

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