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* _Art of the Photoshop tutorial_ (` by Stephen Few is an excellent beginner-level training tutorial. This 6-hour tutorial covers how to use the following Photoshop tools: Camera Raw, Levels, Curves, and Vectors.
* _Photoshop CS6 Step by Step_ (``) by AmayaU1 is a 20-minute tutorial covering the basics of using the tools in Photoshop CS6.
* _Photoshop for Dummies_ (``) by Michael Riddick covers some of the basics, but is aimed at beginning users.
* _Photoshop cs6: how to use it_ (``) by Frank Silvester runs for 11 minutes.
* _Photoshop CS6 Fundamentals: How to learn to use the new features_ (``) by Amanda Biram et al. is an in-depth tutorial that covers all the key features of Photoshop CS6.

## Lightroom

When Photoshop CS6 came out, it introduced a new image editing system called Lightroom. It uses a different layer-based system to make it easy to edit an image from multiple angles.

The following Lightroom tutorials are good for beginners:

* _Lightroom 5 Fundamentals: How to get started,_ by Jeff Reimer and Eric Mertz (``) covers all the basics of using Lightroom.
* _Lightroom 5 How to Shoot,_ by Jessica Reif (``) covers all the basics of Lightroom’s tools.
* _Lightroom and Photoshop: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide_ (`www.

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Hipster Porker and its licensed editions

The evolution of the hipster porker meme

The first hipster porker was a meme featured in a South Park episode in 2002. The meaning of this meme is that of the now-famous red and white bunnies rabbit, it was Porker, a character of South Park, with a red and white mohawk. Despite his red hair, he wore a typical “South Park” white hat. The original character was that of a kid from South Park, otherwise innocent. Now, with the addition of the word “porker”, the image has almost become lost in the words and become an almost funny red shape.

The first time the hipster porker gained popularity is thanks to a Twitter user @fortnite and his image. Fortnite is a video game that originated on the Playstation 4, and became a phenomena thanks to its popularity among young people.

Fortnite came with the new trend of the hipster in his image and was copied, imitated, and given away as a goodwill gesture in tribute to the game and its fans. Thus, it is thought that it was a character invented by a volunteer of Twitter as a joke, which spread and attracted many people.

The evolution of the hipster porker meme

The hipster porker was not the first creature that played with our memories and called it in the Red and White Bunny. Although the originator of this meme, and the creator of the two we’ll see below, is unrecognizable, we can say it is definitely the first that took the image of Porker and changed its original purpose.

In 2016, The Kid started viralizing the image of Porker with his own modifications. The Pig-Man’s transformation from red and white rabbit to red and white “porker” will be shown in another post.

Porker and his “Hipster” version

The first artist using the hipster porker meme

The first artist using the hipster porker meme is @FortniteMage. The image was inspired by Fortnite, but at the same time he seems to make fun of Fortnite. In addition, the logo of Fortnite appears in the sleeves of the garment and in the background, which are big enough for a bigger pig with a lower body. Besides, the picture shows

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You can adjust the width of the brush, the size of the circle used to wipe the surface, as well as the amount of transparency used. This example uses a medium-sized brush with a 50

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System Requirements:

Windows® 7 SP1, Windows 8 or later
Intel® Core 2 Duo processor
10 GB available hard drive space
1024 x 768 resolution
DirectX® 9.0 or later
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 8 or later
(required for online content and system updates)
(required for online content and system updates) Adobe® Flash® Player
(required for web access)
Additional Notes:
Windows® 8
Microsoft® Windows® 8รีวิว/adobe-photoshop-extended/

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