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AutoCAD is a multi-user system that has been at the forefront of CAD/Drafting software. AutoCAD is used by engineers, architects, drafters, technicians, draftsmen, and many other users for every facet of the design process. AutoCAD is generally regarded as an industry standard in the design, documentation and drafting industry.

AutoCAD Architecture

Key Features

1. Significantly reduces time and effort of design drawings and documentation.

2. Provides clear and easy-to-use graphics for the designer.

3. Easy drawing, editing, and revising.

4. Completely integrated into the professional drafting process.

5. Make simple, layered drawings, or complex drawings with no limits.

6. Supports most drawing-specific features.

7. Helps you to achieve your design objectives.

8. Supports basic and advanced technical writing.

9. Freely interacts with other AutoCAD software.

AutoCAD Key Features

1. Significantly reduces time and effort of design drawings and documentation.

AutoCAD offers a powerful drafting tool that cuts hours of drawing time from your daily design cycle.

2. Provides clear and easy-to-use graphics for the designer.

Automatically places and connects edges for you, guides you through the drawing, and provides detailed callouts.

3. Easy drawing, editing, and revising.

Designs can be changed, saved, and revised in a matter of minutes.

4. Completely integrated into the professional drafting process.

Drawings can be directly transferred to most other CAD programs. A customized and flexible interface is available to navigate easily through drawings and drawings files.

5. Make simple, layered drawings, or complex drawings with no limits.

The software supports most drawing-specific features.

Powerful geometric modeling tools help you to create sophisticated shapes and other features quickly.

6. Supports most drawing-specific features.

Drawing tools and properties are unified.

With all drawing tools on a single tool panel, you can perform multiple tasks with a single click.

7. Helps you to achieve your design objectives.

Adjusting or sharing your drawing may be an easy and effortless process.

Autodesk has not introduced any

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Press Releases
Autodesk, a developer of the most widely used computer-aided design software, AutoCAD Free Download, will be announcing tomorrow (December 1, 2009) a major new feature that makes its product the most powerful product on the market. By adding the ability to take 2D and 3D drawings from any application on a Mac or Windows computer and import them directly into AutoCAD, the product is made easier to use. This is the first time that AutoCAD has offered such a capability.

Mac version history
Version history of AutoCAD 2004:

AutoCAD X64

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How to use the cracks

Cracks are the method by which you can activate your Autocad without having a serial. Activation of Autocad can be done online or in an offline way.

Online activation
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Offline activation
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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Other new features and enhancements include the following:

• Zoom on the CAD screen to help you work at the right scale. You can also temporarily zoom into the current viewport.

• Climb the center of the hierarchy for navigation and more efficient operation.

• Explore a new design task page for visualizing the drawing and defining your next move.

• Add shape edits to a path.

• Make more paths more readable.

• Set or reset the extension properties of an object.

• Determine how an object will draw on a new object.

• Find and replace a text style to match a text object in a drawing.

• Add new tabs to the window title bar.

• Check for recent documents on the Start screen.

• Add the current drawing to the search criteria for locating drawings in the Organizer.

• Use the new mouse pointer to select the location of the current tool tip.

• Enable the Group Command to add commands to other selected commands.

• Find common features and options for individual drawing tools.

• Resize an object in the viewport.

• Auto-detect and configure various Office programs that are installed on a machine.

• Preserve multiselect editing in some editing commands.

• Add common options to the Edit menu.

• Enable the Bookmarks tool on the ribbon.

• Detect and convert color to grayscale in a drawing.

• Consolidate overlapping drawing elements.

• Insert a new page at the end of a page group.

• Define a default name for the first layer in a drawing.

• Reset the system date to a more accurate date.

• Create a new layer to show the original drawing elements.

• Add a design task for an object in the Start screen.

• Easily annotate a drawing.

• Create a new image for each page in a publication.

• New types of bars and indicators for plotting.

• Auto-save drawings as you work.

• Filter the items displayed on the scroll bar.

• Use the new interface for the viewer.

• Add a New Parameter option to the Clipboard History.

• Find references for common drawing commands.

• Set the default settings for the drawing window.

• Print pages and show page settings

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Requires a 1.3 GHz processor
128 MB RAM
800 x 600 display
DirectX 9 Compatible
Requires a 2.0 GHz processor
256 MB RAM
1024 x 768 display
Requires a Pentium 4 Processor w/ SSE2 capabilities
Mac OS X compatible (10.4.11 or later)
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista compatible
1024×768 display
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