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The first version of AutoCAD, released in 1982, was a desktop app. AutoCAD was designed to fill a void in the market that was not served by other programs that provided similar functionality. The first version of AutoCAD was created by its current owner, Autodesk, and was named AutoCAD 83. It was a 32K version that ran on the TRS-80 Model 100. AutoCAD 2, developed by AutoCAD Incorporated, was released in 1988.

AutoCAD was initially only available for the Microsoft Windows platform. Beginning with AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD has also been available for the Macintosh platform. There are also versions of AutoCAD that work on the iPad, Android tablets, the Palm OS, Linux, and other platforms.


1983–1987: Release of AutoCAD and AutoCAD Basic

The first version of AutoCAD was released on December 4, 1982. It was originally named AutoCAD 83. It was designed by a group of Autodesk employees, led by design manager Tom Kannard and application manager Jerry Tobar. Kannard was the first to use the name AutoCAD for the application.

On January 24, 1983, AutoCAD Basic was released. It ran on the TRS-80 Model 100, the first microcomputer to have built-in graphics hardware, and sold for $599. It was designed to run on both mainframes and desktop computers. It was also the first graphic design program to have graphic primitives.

The TRS-80 version of AutoCAD lacked a lot of features, such as 3D editing, but had excellent 2D tools and ease of use, a feature that eventually became a distinguishing characteristic of the product. Because the software was not fully integrated with a graphics processor, it needed to be modified to run on the TRS-80 Model 100 in some ways, and did not include some advanced features that other versions did. However, for some users, the TRS-80 version was more convenient than the other versions.

The first version of AutoCAD, released in 1982, was a 32K version that ran on the TRS-80 Model 100. AutoCAD was designed to fill a void in the market that was not served by other programs that provided similar functionality.

1987–1993: Expansion of AutoCAD product line

AutoCAD 83

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3D-Edit (3D Computer Graphics)
AutoCAD supports 2D- and 3D-Graphics. It also supports 3D-clipping planes, which allow you to project two-dimensional geometry into three dimensions. It can also use polygonal shapes. Polygonal shapes are used to model objects that are part of your three-dimensional CAD model.
AutoCAD has a 3D-studio that can be used to create and edit 3D-objects. It contains a 3D-view, a 3D-modeling environment and the ability to import and export 3D-geometry to.dwg format.

AutoCAD LT (drawing)
AutoCAD LT is a newer version of AutoCAD that started releasing in February 2005. Unlike the AutoCAD program, the AutoCAD LT program was designed to be Windows-based software for creating drawings, and design-related features in 2D. Like AutoCAD, there is a newer LT Program, for those who prefer its design. In 2011, it was announced that AutoCAD LT will be replaced by AutoCAD WS in future releases.

AutoCAD LT was designed to be both easy to learn and simple to use. Users can work on drawings quickly, and there is no need to know how to work with the command line. The “Themes and Styling” feature, allows the user to customize the interface and it is fully customizable. When designing a drawing, it is possible to have a simple view of the design or a detailed view of the drawing. The program provides an extensive selection of drawing features, including polylines, polylines, 2D geometry, 3D graphics, annotation, freehand drawing, image-based objects and tools.

AutoCAD LT is similar to the earlier versions of AutoCAD, such as AutoCAD 2002, AutoCAD 2002 LT and AutoCAD 2003. However, AutoCAD LT has some new features and improved usability.

AutoCAD LT 2013 supports 2D and 3D modeling, and 2D and 3D editing.

AutoCAD LT 2013 also supports 3D modeling and editing.

AutoCAD LT 2013 has a new feature called “Graphical Modeling Environment” (GME). It is a similar feature to the Studio tool in AutoCAD 2010.

There are three versions of AutoCAD LT available:

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Log into your account at
Follow the instructions in the Console tab.

In the Map Creation tab, there is a section called User-specified key codes. This is where you can supply a key code that will allow you to draw lines, splines, curves, and so on.

Select the key that you want to use, and click the button. You are prompted to key it.

Click the OK button.

Use the different tools to draw the line.


Line, curve, spline, and arc points are automatically created when you click OK to key the key codes.

If you are using multiple key codes, make sure to key in all the points that you need.

Lines and curves
If you are drawing simple lines, do the following:

Click the left mouse button on a corner of the map.

In the dropdown menu, choose Line (L).

In the drawing options, pick the line that you want to make.

Click the button to draw the line.

Click on a corner of the map to end the line.

To adjust the width of the line, drag the blue dot near the left-hand side of the line.

To adjust the length of the line, drag the blue dot in the middle.

Use the tab to move the line.

Use the mouse to resize the line.

Drag the line to make the end points shift.

Click on a corner of the map to end the line.

Draw another line.

Adjust the length of the line and drag to make the end points shift.

Change the shape of the line.

Click and drag a corner to move the line.

Click on a corner to end the line.

To draw a circle, drag to pick a point.

Click and drag to make the circle larger or smaller.

Use the space bar to check the Size box, and select a unit.

To add a circle, click the circle button to add the circle.

To adjust the rotation of the circle, drag the circle.

To add a hole, click the hole button.

Adjust the size of the hole.

Add more circles.

To make the circles appear as waves, click the Wave button.

To add a line to the circle, drag.

Adjust the length and width of the line.

Click to add the line.

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Easily comment on your design elements and write comments into the drawing, automatically. (video: 1:50 min.)

Receive and implement revisions to your designs directly from your team members.

For more information, see: AutoCAD 2023 Key Feature Announcement

Faster Design Review:

Improve the efficiency and speed of design reviews. Accelerate the review process with your team by using vector-based editing tools and annotating your model within the same drawing window.

Get more by moving from whiteboard to CAD in seconds:

See 2D drawings quickly and easily with Autodesk LiveDraw, the new 2D environment in AutoCAD. Create your views on whiteboards or paper, then bring them into AutoCAD.

For more information, see: LiveDraw Feature Announcement

Visualize your models in 3D:

Use the new 3D command line (CMD) interface to explore the 3D models you’re building with the new 3D commands.

Stay up-to-date with important features and news:

Stay up to date with AutoCAD news and announcements by subscribing to Be the first to know when a new release is available.

Get a preview of new features by subscribing to TechRepublic’s AutoCAD User Experience Newsletter. Subscribe today.

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System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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