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AutoCAD came on the market at a time when many businesses and many users were seeking affordable desktop-based drafting software that could handle complex drafting needs, but which was also simple to use, particularly in comparison to the more traditional mainframe-based CAD packages. This new user base included people who were excited by the promise of desktop computing and the wide open array of possible uses it offered. This was a time of incredible change, both in the business world and in the technical world, and AutoCAD fulfilled the promise of powerful software that anyone could use to create a high-quality drawing that would meet their individual needs. AutoCAD quickly became a favorite among small businesses and home users, and it set the standard for both high-end and low-end software.

The AutoCAD story is one of many. Although AutoCAD is often referred to as the “definitive” CAD system (and is listed as such in the Official AutoCAD Index), many other, lesser-known CAD systems existed during its formative years. Some of these systems were closed systems, in which the user did not have direct access to the screen, but only to a printout. Others were “open” systems, in which the user could access the screen directly. This article reviews some of the other most important open-system drafting programs available.

AutoCAD remains the most popular open-system drafting application, with many people in the industry still creating their drawings with AutoCAD today. The most notable open-system CAD programs currently available are:



AutoCAD Pro

AutoCAD Architecture


AutoCAD Mechanical

AutoCAD Civil 3D

AutoCAD Civil 3D MEP

AutoCAD Survey & Land

AutoCAD Architectural Desktop

AutoCAD Web Edition

Cadsoft Onshape

Autodesk Fusion 360



Draftsight Lite

DraftSight 3D

Expression 4D

Expert Architectural Desktop

Expert Civil 3D

Expert Mechanical

Expert Mechanical MEP

Expert Survey & Land

Harbor Freight Pro Modeling

Harbor Freight Workshop




Kadiska Architectural

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For users wanting to customize or automate AutoCAD, Autodesk has produced a number of programming languages, called AutoLISP, Visual LISP, VBA and.NET. AutoLISP is a special language designed to run on the ObjectARX class library. It was written in AutoLISP. Its job is to take text input from a user’s computer and translate it into AutoLISP functions and macros. Visual LISP is a programming language primarily designed to run on the Web. This language is used for customizing AutoCAD. VBA is a macro language that enables the user to code commands to automate AutoCAD..NET is another macro language that is used to write macros in AutoCAD. All these languages have their own advantages and disadvantages.

AutoCAD 2007 introduced new programming languages, new APIs and a new programming framework, ObjectARX. With AutoCAD 2007 and later products, the Microsoft Framework for Windows is used to access the AutoCAD API. ObjectARX replaces the core classes and collections of the DBase library from AutoCAD 2000-2005. ObjectARX also replaces the core classes of the old TCL programming language. These new programming languages are used to create AutoCAD plugins, add-ons, toolbars and command extensions. ObjectARX is now also used for a number of other projects, including the new version of Microsoft PowerPoint and the recently announced Visual Studio.


AutoLISP is a simple but powerful extension language that allows the user to extend AutoCAD’s functionality and add additional features. The language is compiled into machine code, and loaded into AutoCAD by the AutoLISP interpreter as an AutoLISP library.

AutoLISP is suited for both creating customizations and writing macros. Its major advantage is that it is a compact language. AutoLISP is designed to be readable by people with no programming experience. The syntax is fairly simple. Every command starts with a colon:

:procedure [variables] {operations} {arguments}

This language is primarily designed for applications where speed is a significant consideration. AutoLISP macros are much faster than AutoCAD itself, but also take up significantly less space and use less system resources than written code. All AutoLISP functions, including macros, use version information to identify the AutoLISP version they were written for.

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Export the VARGEOPTICS_KEY to the directory with your Autocad setup.
Open the Autocad’s shortcut.
Now you have Autocad 2013, 2013 R1 and 2016 installed. If you also have all Autocad versions,
the shortcut is located in the Autocad2013 folder.
Activate the shortcut.
After the shortcut is activated, it is visible at the bottom left of your screen.
You can now click on the shortcut and open the VARGEOPTICS_KEY
Now you can open the Autocad’s shortcut again.
If you do not open the Autocad’s shortcut, the Autocad versions will be deactivated.
If you have other Autocad versions installed, open them as well.
Now you have Autocad 2013, 2013 R1 and 2016 installed and all of them are open
Close the shortcut.

KeyGen – License

You should run the keygen on all computers where Autocad is installed.
As you know the licence key will not change the activation key of Autocad.
So it is not necessary to reinstall Autocad, but the keygen will also work
as a new activation key.


Before using the keygen, be sure to make a backup of your Autocad files!

KeyGen – Interface

On the right side there is a help button.
Press it.
You can find a help information how to use the Autocad and what everything does
In the left menu, you will see the following menu items:
• Setup
• Settings
• Help
The Setup menu is the menu of Autocad itself.
The Settings menu is the settings of Autocad.
The Help menu will show you the help information of Autocad.

KeyGen – Creating your key

After you have chosen the keygen program to use, you should give a name for your licence.
This name will appear in the licence on your screen.
Next, you should choose the language for your licence.
You can have a look at the licence for the different languages in the file LICENCE.TXT in the directory VARGEOPTICS_KEY.

You can make use of the licence key generator,
for example, for your boss to activate the licence.
Simply tell him to run the keygen

What’s New in the?

Show Markups for objects, including directly from an online share. Share object drawings online and review the original object directly in the Markups Manager. (video: 3:11 min.)

New design tools:

Glow: Add natural-looking highlights to your 3D models and surfaces, especially great for hands, lamps, and tools. (video: 1:40 min.)

Gradient Mesh: Create crisp, smooth, even gradients with each side of the mesh. (video: 2:04 min.)

PDF imports: Add PDFs to AutoCAD and import only the areas that change—subtracting them from the original file. (video: 2:44 min.)

Multilayered Annotations: Add layers to annotate your drawings, make notes, and organize your drawing into an easy to find hierarchy. (video: 2:26 min.)

Related changes:

When you add notes to a layer, the notes will be visible in the notes pane.

One-click Publish from Markups to publish from Markups Manager to SharePoint and other online sharing.

Save as DXF: Add comments to the DXF directly from within the DXF in the DXF toolbar. (video: 2:16 min.)

If you have questions about these changes, please don’t hesitate to ask in the forums. You can also browse the forums and see what others have posted about AutoCAD.

New Release Resources

New videos:

Using the new Import CAD tool to convert paper 2D plans or PDFs into AutoCAD

Using the new Markups Managers to review the most recent changes to your models

Using a new “Glow” tool for adding highlights to your 3D models

Thanks for all your feedback about our previous release, AutoCAD 2023! If you missed anything you wanted to see, please check out our forums to leave your feedback.


The AutoCAD 2023 Team

A Message from the author

The AutoCAD team is excited to share with you that AutoCAD 2019 is now available!

AutoCAD 2019 brings a new dimension to design with improved collaboration, powerful command-based functionality, dynamic paper space, and new CAD tools.

Supporting AutoCAD CAD and Graphic standards as always, and with the core technologies of AutoC

System Requirements:

Intel Mac OS X 10.10 or later
16GB RAM or more
DirectX 11 or later
SteamOS or Steam Client
Graphical Update:
Graphical updates to Bucklespring, Sidescroller and Project Skyship Delta have been integrated and pushed to Steam. New features are now live, and will be rolled out as development continues. For a complete changelog and details on how to update your game, check out the development tracker.
Here is an overview of what is new with the graphical updates:

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