Modifying the code is not a solution, that means you will have to keep on modifying the code as you continuously add new features.
An efficient solution is to use the plugin API.
Essentially, you register the plugin into SDL, then write it. You can do whatever you want inside your script, just make sure you call the right method so that the plugin will be able to do what it does.
The plugin API uses a method called SDL_PluginMain() (credits to SDL). It may be something like:

int SDL_LoadEffect(void)

This method will load the effect, and everything you write inside this method will be executed when you call the plugin at runtime. You can do what you like here, including using main.c, main.cpp,….
If you want to be sure of what is being done, you can change SDL_LoadEffect() to something like:

int SDL_LoadEffect(void)
if(!main && game.main == NULL)
game.main = SDL_CreateMainWindow();
return main;

Here, instead of returning a value, it returns a void pointer that you can use. So you won’t have to assign a value to it, and if the structure uses something like a field like game.main, you will be able to access it anyway.
This method is automatically called at run-time, and you can use it to initialize the plugin, do whatever you like, and so on. You may even modify the SDL library code at the same time, because you are just using whatever SDL registers in its main function (obviously it will not change anything because of the SDL_EXPOSE_REGISTER_FUNCTION() stuff).

Ask HN: Ideas for home automation? – TomasSedovic

I was thinking of how nice it would be if I could just turn my lights on/off, fans up/down, window open/closed, heating on/off, water heater on/off, the dishes are being washed, all from my phone (saved in a phone app) and forget about it.Is there any solution for doing this today? I’m looking at Raspberry Pi and OpenWRT..
I recently

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How would I write this query in LINQ?

I have this query that works just fine in SQL
select top 100
contacts c
inner join
contacttypes ct
c.contact_type_id =

how would I convert that to linq?


Something like this:
var q = (from c in contacts
join ct in contacttypes
on c.contact_type_id equals
select c).Take(100);


From your description I am assuming that “contacts” is a table.
You can do this:
var query = (from c in contacts
from ct in contacttypes
select c).Take(100);

Today’s blog in the Morning Diffs series finds us going back about 800 years to the start of the fifteenth century, in regards to various forms of artistic expression. Art can be defined as the creation of something beautiful that exists outside the mind of the creator; an interpretation of some subject, idea, emotion or memory; or a picture, sculpture, engraving, model or other manufactured object.

We begin with what might be thought to be the development of the visual arts, as a loose package of various forms

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