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**On-the-fly Previews, Reveal, and Erase**

No matter which program you use for editing, it is possible to gain insight into the stages of image editing while you work in a noneditable layer. Photoshop allows this with its on-the-fly previews. In Figure 11.2 (image courtesy of Adobe), you can see that the white areas are those that are unedited, or not exposed yet, while the black areas are those that are completely covered by either an inserted or a blank layer. With images on a layered background, you have the option to reveal or hide individual layers to see what is covered by a layer. On a transparent background, these functions are not available.

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**Figure 11.2** : The top image shows the initial selection of the background area. The white areas represent those areas that are still unexposed. The bottom image shows what will become the final image once the white areas are covered.

When you bring a new layer into an image, it is automatically covered with a setting of 50 percent gray, which is the default value. It takes up space in the image, and it represents the area that will be covered. You can change the percentage if you choose. You can also get a quick, on-the-fly preview by pressing the Tab key to toggle the opacity of a new layer until you see the desired end result.

The Reveal/Hide tool is covered in detail in Chapter 8, “Layer Comps.”

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Adobe Photoshop App Download For Android Incl Product Key

In this article, we’ll share the top 10 best Photoshop alternatives for beginners. You can then download and install them on your computer. All the tools can be downloaded for free.

However, these apps are not official or authorized versions of Photoshop. So, you may encounter problems with licensing when you’re using them on a commercial project.

What is Photoshop?

If you are familiar with the professional Photoshop product, you may not like the changes in the application Elements. But the changes have been made to simplify what was already a lot easier than traditional Photoshop.

In addition to editing, you can create new images using tools that are not available in Photoshop elements. These tools are known as filters. You can use filters to:

add a special look to images;

convert one image into another;

create the look of realistic images;

add highlights;

add vignettes;

use curves to create the look of 3D images;

create images that look like paintings;

create images that look like illustrations;

add text to images;

add anti-aliasing to images;

add glow to images;

reduce the contrast of images;

distort the look of an image;

create distinctive effects from basic images;

create new versions of images;

use textures.

The following is a list of the top 10 best Photoshop alternatives for beginners:

1. Pixlr

Pixlr is a free online photo editor that you can use to upload, edit and share your images. You can access the app using a desktop or a mobile browser. It’s similar to Photoshop, but it doesn’t have a lot of the features found in the professional version. However, Pixlr is free.

Editor features

Pixlr has a collection of templates for adding special effects to your images. And you can easily create new templates. It also has tools for adjusting your photos’ focus, brightness, color balance, contrast and saturation.

You can also rotate, flip, resize, crop, apply filters and do more with your images using Pixlr.


GIMP is a free graphics editor for both desktop and mobile computer users. You can use it for retouching, photo manipulation and creating images and effects. It contains tools that enable you to:

Fix and convert images;

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deleting the underlying object/data structure

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Is there a way to achieve this?
I know I can use reallocation to obtain new data to replace the old data, but it is not ok for me to change the original pointer to something else and do not want to copy the original data.


If the data structures are allocated on the stack, and the function returns, you can use the destructor to clean up:
delete myDestructor;

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