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Betwixt is a straightforward, efficient and lightweight piece of software that helps you with web debugging by enabling you to intercept the responses and requests and analyze the network traffic. Requires a minimum amount of configuration Starting with the application quite easy, with you only needing to unzip its archive and to launch it via the available executable file. Before anything else, to capture the web traffic, you are required to reroute it through the local proxy automatically created by Betwixt ( Capture the system-wide web traffic or just of your browser At this point, you have two possibilities: you can either capture and analyze the traffic system-wide or you can only capture the web traffic outside your browser of choice. Once you have configured the system settings or just your web browser, the app automatically starts capturing the responses and requested and displays them within an intuitive and simplistic user interface that you might find familiar if you have ever worked with Chrome DevTools. Simple interface and even simpler workflow You get an accurate description about the timing and about how everything reacts thanks to a useful timeline bar, located in the upper part of the main window. With the help of the app's contextual menu, you can copy the response headers, just the response, save it as HAR, open the link in a new tab or simply copy the link address. You can narrow down your searches for a particular response by using custom filters, or you can choose to only view XHR, JS, CSS, Img, Media, Font, Doc and WS responses. Efficient and widely accessible proxy tool for web debugging Taking everything into consideration, Betwixt is a useful tool for those looking for a streamlined way to find possible problems between the requests and responses outside their browsers and perform basic web debugging. With its simplistic approach, it is clearly not intended to be the ultimate tool for web debugging and, thanks to its intuitive and popular interface based on the Chrome DevTools panel, it has the great advantage of being very novice-accessible.







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Watch everything with a single click! Amazing features to help you to find problems and track browser usage. BETWEEN is a easy-to-use and fully-featured web browser network proxy. Features BETWEEN has it all: Better performance than your proxy. Capture all the possible requests and responses, in addition to changing the current window. Memory and CPU monitoring. Simple proxy performance test. User interface with contextual menu. Basic Viewer. Visible URLs. Timing Contextual Menus. Click anywhere to capture the entire page, or just the current window. Timeline. Cookies. Response Headers. Audits. Support for HTTP2 HAR format. WebSocket support. WebSocket capture. Integrated debugging console. Keyboard Shortcuts. Powerful autocomplete. Automatic response saving. Logs monitoring. Multicaster interface. Thread grouping. Customizable shared filters. Index. Color coding based on request type. Response time/latency graph. Statistics. Multi files. Javascript support. Flash support. HTML5 support. Cross-domain requests. Setting. Group based filtering. Custom routing. Intercept requests and responses. Customizable filters. Save capture. Copy link. View all captured response from the responses window. View Http2 responses. About BETWEEN. BETWEEN is a light Web browser with many features. With BETWEEN you can view the web pages, capture the web traffic, add many filters, and change the capture mode to a single, double, or even multi-capture. BETWEEN is a free and open-source web browser with a built-in proxy that is extremely powerful and can capture requests and responses in a single click. With a powerful graphical interface that can be configured in almost every way, you can make BETWEEN a very unique tool for web-debugging. Interface The interface can be completely customized by using a Web inspector (although it is not fully-featured yet) that resembles Chrome’s DevTools. The Preferences dialog allows you to modify how BETWEEN works, how a new capture works or even

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In a nutshell, Betwixt Cracked Accounts is a free Windows application that allows you to capture web traffic and send it to a local proxy for the purpose of web debugging. It captures the requests and responses through your system’s proxy settings, enabling you to analyze the traffic information to understand what really happens when you visit a website, what are the requirements, what are the best tools for web debugging, and so on. This application is quite unique and handy, mainly because it provides an intuitive and simplistic user interface for someone who has no previous experience with web debugging tools. The application is based on Firefox Web Dev tool panel and is basically made in the same way. This means that it comes with a contextual menu, an actual timeline bar for the responses, and a traditional toolbar that, among other features, provides you with the most useful ones. The application works just as well on a Windows 7 as on a Windows 8.1/Windows 10 machine. Important! This app is designed only for Windows. The aim of this application is to help you in performing web debugging on a system without installing anything. For this reason, Betwixt offers several built-in tasks that are perfect to analyze network traffic. For example, you can view a list of all the requests that your system has sent to the Internet, thus allowing you to check whether your system is behaving as expected. So, to summarize, Betwixt is a tool for web debugging that you can use in addition to, or instead of, the official DevTools of your browser, and even in the case that you have no previous experience in web debugging. Betwixt Screenshot: Betwixt Screenshot (click image to enlarge) How to install Betwixt? Read me… This software was created for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. And it is designed to work with IE9, IE10, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and most other web browsers. However, please understand that, although the app is designed to work with any web browser, it does not pretend to handle any kind of tool specific to a single browser. Betwixt is available as a free Windows application that captures web traffic and send it to a local proxy for the purpose of web debugging. This tool is based on the Firefox Web Dev tools panel and allows you to capture the requests and responses through your system’s proxy settings, enabling you to analyze the traffic information 2f7fe94e24


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See all requests made to the server View the response headers Manage your cookies Save the information in HTML Show bookmarks Manage plugins Manage the fonts on the page Etc.. Update History: 04.06.2019 Fixed: crash on startup 08.09.2018 Added: show the Timer in the Main Window 01.12.2018 Added: the possibility to customize the title bar to fit your needs 11.07.2018 Added: the possibility to open the link in a new tab 11.07.2018 Added: the possibility to open the saved HTTP response in the Firefox addon 11.07.2018 Added: the possibility to set a custom interval value when refreshing the response 11.07.2018 Added: the possibility to bind a shortcut to a custom interval 11.07.2018 Added: in the response tab the size of the text, the line width and the font-size 11.07.2018 Added: the possibility to save the responses 11.07.2018 Added: the possibility to Save responses to files 10.07.2018 Added: the possibility to specify a name for every group 10.07.2018 Added: the possibility to set the size of the rows 10.07.2018 Fixed: the configuration was not displayed correctly on MacOS 18.02.2018 Added: the possibility to set the size of the columns 11.01.2018 Added: the possibility to capture the requests and responses in the HAR format 10.12.2017 Added: the possibility to disable the compatibility mode for IE and Edge 14.11.2017 Added: the possibility to capture the requests and responses from IE and Edge Added: the possibility to specify the Google Analytic id 01.08.2017 Added: the possibility to display the current day/date 19.06.2016 Added: the possibility to capture the requests and responses as HAR files 10.02.2016 Added: basic Context menu for the categories 30.01.2016 Added: the possibility to activate and deactivate the time interval for capturing 21.05.

System Requirements For Betwixt:

1- 4GB of RAM (Windows 10 recommended) 2- 25GB of Hard Drive Space 3- A Nvidia 690 or AMD R9 280x or better (DX11) (DX11) 4- A NVIDIA GTX 1070 or better (DX12) Recommended: (DX11) 4- A NVIDIA

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