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In this article, we’ll go over:

Tips & Tricks

Exclusive Guide to Photoshop Techniques

What is Photoshop?

The History of Photoshop

How Photoshop was designed

How to use Photoshop

Photoshop’s advantages

How to work efficiently

Why Photoshop?

What Photoshop can do

Adobe Photoshop Features

Adobe Photoshop Techniques

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe PSI 4K Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Workspaces

What is Photoshop?

The History of Photoshop

Photoshop was born in 1983 when Adobe released Photoshop for the first time as a semi-truck load of floppy disks sold on custom CD-ROM discs, advertised with a huge picture of an elderly man wielding a Photoshopping machine.

Although the first Photoshop was focused on professional purposes, it had a good foothold among beginning users. In fact, today’s Photoshop is basically the same program, but the success of the first version allowed it to evolve into its current incarnation.

How Photoshop was designed

After the success of the first version, Adobe realized that many of the potential users of Photoshop could no longer afford to buy the full version, which contained a hefty price tag on average.

To solve this problem, they decided to create a short version of the program that could be freely distributed. This new version allowed users to only pay for a license for the program itself, and not a version based on disk and memory usage.

Since it was released the program had gotten a lot of traction with photographers and graphic designers. If they were good enough at editing images they could become their own Photoshop guru.

However, the free version offered only basic tools, with some not even available. Also, one major problem with the free version was the lack of help files.

Help files are the user’s manual for programs and other software, that include details like how to navigate through menus and use various features.

These are all necessary for a beginner to understand how a program works and how to accomplish specific tasks.

Since this version of Photoshop was no longer a professional program, the help files weren’t necessary for its future. In fact, Adobe did not even include them in their original design, because of their cost.

That said, Photoshop did not follow a plan for its future. In fact, it was fairly quiet for a good couple of years between versions, but it wasn’t

Adobe Photoshop Cs2 Free Download Full Version English

The software is available at (in the USA) for US$129 for a single user and $149 for a family license. There are also various $149 add-ons for additional features, and there is a $99/year subscription plan called ‘Photoshop Elements’ that bundles multiple layers of software for monthly payments.

Photoshop Elements is relatively easy to learn and to use. Learning Photoshop Elements is also easy, as is using Photoshop Elements.

A handful of Photoshop Elements tutorials

Click the links below to download tutorials on using Photoshop Elements, Photoshop and Elements in alternate modes, and to learn how to make compelling images with Photoshop Elements.

A complete Photoshop Elements tutorial

Use ‘The Secrets of Photoshop Elements’ project to learn the most widely-used features of Photoshop Elements.

Here are some themes to jumpstart you.

Keno’s Photoshop Elements tutorials:

Videos on how to use Photoshop Elements:

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Cynthia Niswonger

Cynthia Niswonger is an American historian of science and a professor at Columbia University. She is the author of over 20 books including Nature’s Forecast: The Life of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1994) and X-Rays (1997), a biography of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, one of the discoverers of X-rays.

Niswonger received her B.A. from Carleton College (M.A., 1983) and her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1988). Her first book, unpublished in 1988, was published in 1994.

Selected publications


Chapters in books


External links

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Category:Columbia University faculty
Category:American biographers
Category:American historians of science
Category:Carleton College alumni
Category:University of Wisconsin–Madison alumni
Category:Year of birth missing (living people)Q:

Check for null with non-null assertion operator in Postgres where clause

Suppose I have a table called t with a field called value. The goal is to make sure value!= null. I’ve tried the following but I get an error:
WHERE NOT (NULL = value)

This works fine. However, I can’t figure out how to do it with a non-null assertion operator like =.
I’ve tried this but I get an error:
WHERE NOT (value = null)

Which is valid. What am I missing?


Postgres is actually correct to complain about that, since NULL isn’t a value either.
You’d need to OR in a bunch of other values to NOT-include NULL:

Another option, from the documentation:
FROM tbl
WHERE value ‘NULL’

Since you say you really wanted ISDISTINCT FROM, here’s one more option:
WHERE value!= ‘NULL’


FROM tbl
WHERE NOT (value = ‘NULL’)


Not (value = null)

This will always be true because ‘NULL’ is equal to itself.
As another answer says, you can

What’s New In?

By Chris Kitching

BBC Radio 4

There are many parts of the ancient Mediterranean world that are poorly understood

They came from a culture that would have been all but unknown outside what is now Iraq.

An analysis of the archaeological material shows that the Anatolian civilisation may have been a very complex civilisation.

The team worked closely with Iraqi archaeologists.

An excavation of a series of graves at a site in southern Iraq is the latest in a series of discoveries that are changing our view of the ancient world.

The people are no longer seen as primitive cave dwellers.

Mighty empires

The Neolithic people of Anatolia had built cities and cities on a grand scale.

We know that they used a lot of imported material from the Black Sea area. They had iron tools. They had a good understanding of writing but so far we have not had the luxury of being able to read their language

Professor Ian Freestone

Professor Ian Freestone from the University of Leicester is a world expert on Anatolia and has been part of the dig team.

He said: “They had written language. They had iron, they had heavy-duty tools and they were highly organised. They had a cuneiform script and they are quite sophisticated so they must have been a really, really big empire.

“They were wiped out by a cataclysmic event which is why you find the bones.”

The dig at Tell Brak is the first major prehistoric excavation to be undertaken in Iraq and most recently worked at Tell Mardikh in the north-east.

Among the recent discoveries are the remains of a previously unknown early race, the antecedents to the Sumerians.

However, Professor Freestone is clearly cautious.

“We know that they used a lot of imported material from the Black Sea area. They had iron tools. They had a good understanding of writing but so far we have not had the luxury of being able to read their language.

“How can you read something in which there is only a few words?”

In the centre of the graves at Tell Brak there is evidence of the long tradition of the Anatolian civilisation.

In the last 10,000 years there was clear evidence of change and the excavators believe the answer is not one of sudden appearance of an advanced culture but rather a gradual process of development.

They believe there was a transformation.

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This book is aimed to be comprehensive, containing all of the major political and background conflicts that have occurred over the long history of the Sword of Egypt, as

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