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Some people just can’t live without Photoshop. Others purchase a new version every year to keep up with new features. Either way, Photoshop is one of the most important and valuable professional editing programs.

For most purposes, Photoshop is pretty easy to use, but it’s a huge program with many features that require some time to become proficient at using them. It’s a complex application, but it’s a good tool to have in the design arsenal.

Graphics editors: Your first choice

“Designer” software is aimed at creative professionals like graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and so on. The most common type of designer software is dedicated to these tasks. If you have a graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft PhotoDraw, chances are it’s also a good image editing tool.

Software such as this is intended for those with a technical background. They’re already familiar with the basics of computers and graphic design, so many of them prefer a dedicated design program over the more open and flexible programs such as Photoshop.

Many design programs offer features that Photoshop does not. Some good ones include

Higher-end design software: Most designers use Adobe’s Creative Suite of products. It contains the following:

• Adobe Photoshop: This is the front-end image editing program that most designers use.

• Adobe Illustrator: An animation tool with a vector editing system.

• Adobe InDesign: A tool for creating print layouts and publications.

• Adobe Acrobat: Tools for creating PDF files.

• Adobe Dreamweaver: An application that enables you to develop a website.

Free graphics editors: Many graphics programs are available for free. Some are fully featured and offer options that are more advanced than what Photoshop offers. Not all share the same look and feel as Photoshop, though.

If you’re not interested in paying money for a graphics program, then free is often your best choice for most applications. Graphic design programs are free for personal use only, so if you need to work for money, you’ll need to buy a paid license.

Be sure to check out these free programs:

• CorelDRAW: A popular vector graphics tool.

• Gimpshop: A Photoshop-like program created by an ex-Photoshop employee.

• Inkscape: A free vector graphics editor similar to Illustrator.

Corel PhotoPaint X6, which is free to download and

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Here, we have compiled the best free Photoshop alternative:

Best Photoshop Alternatives: Free & Paid

Photoshop does not offer great pricing for its professional features and licences. A professional software usually costs between $50 to $100 per year.

Below is a list of the best free Photoshop alternative and paid Photoshop alternatives.

1. is a free online drawing app that is great for creating graphics, simple websites and logos. It is available in many languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, Portuguese, Thai, Spanish, Korean and Czech.

You can add tables, charts, diagrams, arrows, shapes, logos, and maps to create graphics or logos.

All the features are available in the free version of It includes an undo function, simulation and other helpful features. Its paid version, however, has many more features, additional drawing tools, libraries and various features.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor that can create line, type, and icons. You can make text, fonts and stick figures to create logos.

The interface of Adobe Illustrator is simple. You can edit text and shapes in different size. Create different layers and configure them individually to edit text, shapes, and more. There are many drawing tools that allow you to draw an outline, draw a straight line, straight line, curve, convex curves, regular curves, bevels, gradients and more.

It also features 3D tools to create real 3D objects. It is available as a standalone application. You can download the.dwg format files.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express has a simple and feature-rich user interface. It allows you to change the theme. It is the photo editing software that is available on a mobile platform. It does not feature most of the advanced editing features, however, it has many built-in editing tools and useful features.

You can easily create a image with the many tools. The best feature of Photoshop Express is that you can sync your work on the cloud and access it from anywhere.

4. Inkscape

Inkscape is the first cross-platform vector graphics editor. It supports many different types of files including.svg,.eps,.ai

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Is it possible to programmatically get email address of user who a button is clicked on?

Is it possible to programmatically get email address of user who a button is clicked on?
I have no JAVA scripting knowledge, so don’t know exactly how to try with ActionScript…
thanks a lot for any reply!
I’m trying to make a web application with SP2010


If you can pull information out of SharePoint using JavaScript and C#, then you can also send an email using JavaScript and C#.
Here’s some examples:

How to send email to multiple recipients using JavaScript and C#
Sending Email using Javascript and SPUtility.GetUserProfileName

Instead of coding with JavaScript, you could also use a web service to send the email for you.

Polyamory is a term which has long fascinated me. I have long wondered how my loved ones would accept and support my embracing of this new relationship that I was creating. I have been living in a polyamorous relationship for over six years now. It’s a commitment that has allowed me to find the person that I am supposed to be with. It’s allowed me to find love again. It has taught me so much about myself, and allowed me to try on new things that I never knew that I might enjoy.

Polyamory is about choice. You have the right to choose who you love. You have the right to choose what you want to do in your relationship. You should feel as if you are in a committed relationship. You should feel loved and protected. Polyamory is about shared responsibility. You are co-responsible for your love. You are co-responsible for the well being of your relationship.

Polyamory is about making mistakes. You can choose to come together with a partner, only to learn that this is not for you. You can choose to end a relationship, only to learn that this was the right choice. You can choose to disclose your lifestyle, only to find that your partner is not comfortable with you doing this. Polyamory is a journey. You can choose to get to know and trust your partner, only to find that they are not your person. You can choose to grow with someone, only to find that it’s not a relationship that you can commit to.

Polyamory is much less common than the

What’s New in the?


Is it necessary to free an uninitialized char array?

If I have a char[] variable that I initialize with a string literal, is it necessary to free the memory allocated by the char[] variable?
char[] str = “some string”;

char str[] = “some string”;


You don’t need to free it, but it’s very bad form to forget to do so.
It would be better to allocate the buffer dynamically using malloc, then free() it when it’s no longer needed.


Because arrays are automatically allocated as “pools”, you don’t need to free them. It’s not a best practice, however.


No, you don’t have to free it. (If you do decide to, you can just use the same line as you did to allocate it, which should work).
This is because arrays are automatically allocated in a pool.


Custom OpenID Connect metadata values not being populated

I am using the OIDC-IIS integration approach to customize the OpenID Connect behavior in our Azure AD environment. In doing so, I’ve defined two extra elements (for “IsApproved” and “IsLocked”) that get passed to the sign-in page. I have verified that these values are not being correctly populated by Azure AD. All other OpenID Connect attributes seem to be working fine, like the Claims ID, Assertion ID, and Name.


I believe the issue occurs when attempting to access and read the IsLocked metadata:
var token = await AuthenticationManager.AuthenticateAsync(“Bearer”, returnUrl);
var user = await UserManager.GetUserAsync(token.UserInfo.ProviderUserKey);
user.IsLocked = true;
await userManager.UpdateAsync(user);

All of the non-standard metadata values are available to the server’s API. However, it appears that accessing the same metadata value when using Azure AD B2C is not available. The only workaround I can think of is to utilize an alternate implementation, like Azure AD B2C, or keep the value in another database that is synchronized with the primary database.

FIG. 1 is a block diagram of the functional equivalent of a portion of a conventional semiconductor chip 100. The semiconductor chip 100 is fabricated from a semic

System Requirements:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista (SP2) / 2003 Server / XP with Service Pack 3 or later (64-bit editions only)
Core2 Duo (1.5 GHz) or better
DVD drive (but it can be played from a USB flash drive)
16 GB free disk space (game and patch)
DirectX 10 graphics card
Internet connection (LAN or Internet)
Concurrent processes limit: not more than three (3)

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