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**Use Adobe Bridge**

Adobe Bridge ( is a program that enables you to view, manage, and edit most of the popular image formats. With a powerful yet easy-to-use interface, Bridge lets you manage your image files from the biggest to the smallest formats.

Bridge’s features allow you to browse your images in any of four groups: Recent, Recently Edited, Recently Added, and All (see Figure 5-4). You can view images as a single image or as a stack of images.

**Figure 5-4** The Bridge window in action.

If you locate an image, you can check it out for edits, crop it, or export it as a JPEG

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This tutorial will show you how to recreate a photo of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

I will use a photo from the Internet, but the technique could be applied on any photo. A Photoshop tutorial is only one of the many tools available to a graphic designer.

The steps for this tutorial are:

Open an image file, tweak the photo image’s colors, blur it, straighten it, remove a lens flare, change the colors, crop it, add a text, color it, lighten and darken the photo, and add a background and object.

Step 1: Open an Image

Open the image file you want to edit in Photoshop Elements. Go to Edit > Open, select the option for All Files, and then choose a location on your computer where you have a copy of the image.

In this tutorial I will use an image of Daenerys Targaryen from HBO’s television show Game of Thrones.

Note: Before editing an image, a subtle adjustment must be made to the color balance of the photo. In the next step I’ll show you the colors of the photo when you open it on your computer.

Step 2: Adjust the Color Balance in Photoshop Elements

The colors of the image should be adjusted for your monitor. In this tutorial the photo has a warm color cast.

Open the image, go to Edit > Adjust Color > Curves. It is possible to use the default “tint” and “shade” controls, or you can change the curves to use white and black.

The default settings should result in this photo:

Use the default settings in Photoshop Elements.

In this example, here are the settings:

Step 3: Adjust the Image

Open the file again and adjust the photo’s colors. Adjust the colors:

Go to Edit > Adjust Color > Tint. The black and white photo has now turned into a gray image.

For Daenerys Targaryen, the image should now look like this:

Adjust the photo’s colors.

Step 4: Crop the Photo

Open the photo again, go to Edit > Crop, and crop out the unnecessary part of the photo.

To crop the photo, move the crop tool over the photo and select the options you want to use for the crop.

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What is the definitive Dragonlance map-as-drawn, and does the map still accurately represent the materialized Dragonlance?

A number of websites list the early Dragonlance maps before Larry Underwood took over the map-making duties. However, I haven’t been able to find a definitive version.
Does anyone know where one can find the definitive set of Dragonlance maps? That is, the maps that all of the Dragonlance novels are based on. I understand that TSR produced a version of those maps for their d20 conversions, but it seems like that data should be up somewhere.
What about for the non-d20 printings, such as the Dragonlance Chronicles and Dragonlance: The Savage Lands?
And finally, does anyone know of a definitive list of the locations mentioned in the novels? I’m really looking for a list of all the locations mentioned in all the Dragonlance novels, along with the order and major landmarks within them.


There were several maps, one for each of the four “books” of the Dragonlance series.
According to Wikipedia, the Wizards maps, “later re-edited to become the materialization map, presented key locations and landmarks from all four books, and the adventuring parties could obtain the locations of their specific characters from them.”
Beyond that… it’s hard to say. I was able to use the Wikipedia page to get the map layout for the series, but that only works for the first part. The following pages are blank, so I don’t know whether the maps are complete or to where they end.

The First Wizard Map

The Second Wizard Map

The Third Wizard Map

The Fourth Wizard Map

The materialization map

I actually did find one reference to a map with all of the locations mentioned in all four books, but can’t find a way to link to it. Here it is:

The Map of the Known World

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Over 1,500 snakes, both venomous and not-so-venomous, were spotted in an Australian marine park on Saturday.

The impressive statistics were reported by the French Australia Institute. The large group was found in Caves Beach Marine Park in Western Australia.

This site is renowned for it’s species of aripa pythons, caimans, and wobbegong.

The snakes are, on average, 150 cm long and can grow to over 3 meters in length.

The specific snake species present at this time are not known.

Rabies prevention notes

Rabies is not an issue, as the snakes are not rabid and the only documented cases in Australia have all been in people handling or feeding the snakes.

Caves Beach is not open to the public for land entry, including the beach (except for approved beach users).

Report on the snake count:

UPDATE (13/5/2018):

In response to media reports of this event, the Fauna and Flora Commission have issued a statement.

(Thanks to Birds and Bloggers for the heads up)Q:

Specify prefix directory in file

I have a multiple word package name for an android app (
How can I specify a prefix for the directory in build.props that is being used to compile
such as (
I currently have the multiple word package name at the root of the project and

System Requirements:

* Windows 7 (64-bit)
* 2GB RAM (for VR version)
* 1.5GB free hard disk space
Included with V.1.0.4
As a press-Geschäftsführer I sincerely hope you guys enjoy this mod and have fun playing it.
I would like to extend a big thank you to iksil, kwisatzking, and suzukisamurai who did so much work on the mod.
If you are

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