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What happens next? The party will now have to use the money, and now that the election is coming, it will have to use it fast. It is indeed a brutal business, with the reality of what the next six months will bring to the party. The smart money will stay on the incumbent but some of the more pragmatic of the party’s top spots will be dropped in the coming days. Remember the party has been bleeding power to the centre ground for many years. It needs some time to sort itself out. There will be no chance of return for the most obvious victims, but the cull will start. I have no doubt that Osborne will have to go, after having been seriously damaged and humiliated by what happened.

The party has to get the message that it cannot go on this way, and the message that it needs to start looking to the future. It will be a much stronger party when it comes to the big issues, but it will have had to focus very much on the impact of the European crisis, particularly how the party has felt connected to ordinary voters by its opposition to the euro. It will hope that the less technical fiscal rules that are being worked on now will help it to give a more honest and trusted explanation of what it really thinks and what it has been doing in the past. A lot of people have been falling out with it for too long, for too many reasons, for too many years. The party is going to have to convince people that it deserves their support.

What about Osborne? Well, he has to survive. There may well be

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