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Easy MDB MDE Compactor Free Registration Code

Easy MDB Compactor is a small and efficient application that allows you to quickly and easily compact your Microsoft Access MDB and MDE files.
It allows you to quickly and easily compact a Microsoft Access mdb or mde files without having to
manually search through each file to eliminate unused data.
You can specify folders to search for MDB and MDE files, and whether to search subfolders.
Mdb and mde files can be compacted individually or together using wildcards.
Added, deleted, or edited records can be cleaned from the database.
Database backups can be made optionally using this tool.
System date and time can be added to backup file names to ensure you don’t lose any
backup information.
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■ Automatically update when new versions are released.
Exe is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to compress Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Powerpoint, and other file types.
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Easy MDB MDE Compactor Registration Code Free Download [Win/Mac] [Latest]

Easy MDB MDE Compactor is a great compacting tool that enables you to easily and quickly compact Microsoft Access.mdb or.mde database files.
It is a very powerful and efficient tool, with a lot of options and power to be easily used to manage the size of your databases.
It is a freeware!
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Easy to use and totally free. In addition to the key features, EasyMDB MDE Compactor permits you to:
■ Search for Microsoft Access.mdb and.mde files.
■ Specify folders to search.
■ Specify whether to search for the MDB file only, or both MDB and MDE files.
■ Specify whether to compact MDE or MDB files.
■ Make optional backups of compacted databases.
■ Optionally add system date and time to backup file name.
■ Drag and drop functionality.
■ Progress bar to give you an estimate of the time taken to complete, and to show you how many files have been processed.
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Easy MDB MDE Compactor

Compact Microsoft Access MDB and MDE files as required and you’ll have these key features:
■ You’ll have full control of how and where to search for files to compact and how to compact them.
■ You can compact either MDB or MDE files.
■ There is no limit to the number of files to compact.
■ You can add and delete files from folders.
■ You can add system date and time to the file name of a backup copy.
■ You can specify whether you want to Search subfolders or not.
■ You can delete selected files or individually add them back to the list of files to compact.
■ You can compact multiple files at a time with different options.
■ You can drag and drop multiple files at the same time to add them to the list of files to compact.
■ You can compact MDB and MDE files on any file path.
■ You can choose files to Compact based on file size, creation date, modification date and more.
■ You can specify how many backup copies you want to make in case you need to restore from a backed up file.
■ You can use wildcards to match specific database files when searching for them.
■ You can avoid compacting files/folders containing backup versions of your files.
■ You can specify time intervals for compaction to occur.
■ You can optionally add the system date and time to the name of a backup.
■ Drag and Drop.
■ You can drag and drop entire folders at a time to the dialog box.
■ You can move files and folders from one dialog to another dialog.
■ You can drag and drop mdb or mde files as well.
■ You can drag and drop multiple files at a time to add them to the list.
■ You can drag multiple files and folders from a file explorer to a dialog window.
■ The pathname of a folder can be dragged and dropped to the file list.
■ You can drag a folder from your desktop and drop it in a dialog window.
■ You can drag and drop multiple files in a folder.
■ You can drag files/folders from the file list or drag a file from anywhere

What’s New In Easy MDB MDE Compactor?

Easy MDB MDE Compactor helps you to easily compact or repair the database. You can easily repair damaged mdb and mde files and reduce size of the DB files. With this tool you can repair Microsoft Access database error (like open file error, file not found error etc.).
How do I run compactor?
To start repairing database files on your hard drive, you need to run a program called “compactor” from Windows directory or from the “Programs\Access Repair and Optimize\Access Compactor” subfolder. If you want the program to show you a list of files to repair then double-click the “compactor” icon.
If the program detects a problem with the database (such as open file errors, problems with table structure, etc.), it will alert you of such problems.
You can use the program to repair database errors or to resize or repair existing Microsoft Access database files (mdb files).
If you want to repair damaged database files and to reduce the size of the database file, you can use the “compactor” program. This tool is specially designed to do this job. But you need to confirm the format of the database files as some mdb files can’t be repaired.
Do not use the compactor to repair a mde (Microsoft Access data exchange) file as this program does not support the data exchange mode that supports the conversion of queries and forms.
What can I do with the compactor program?
With the compactor program you can easily compact or repair Microsoft Access database files (mdb files).
Rely on this program to repair damaged database files.
Easy MDB MDE Compactor Features:
1. Easy compaction of Microsoft Access database files (mdb files).
2. Repair damaged Microsoft Access database files (mdb files).
3. Generate backup for the database file before compaction.
4. Backup all the files after compaction.
5. Maintain all the files.
6. Organize the files in a new order.
7. Remove old or damaged files.
8. Compacts the files which are very large in size.
9. Prepare your files for compaction or repair with specific folders.
10. Specify the order in which the files should be compacted or repaired.
11. Using wildcards, you can search for specific files.
12. Further develop the program with your feedback.
13. Give you software free to use for

System Requirements For Easy MDB MDE Compactor:

Mac OS X: 10.8.5 or later
iPad 2, 3, or 4 (4th generation)
iPhone 5
iPad mini (2nd generation)
iPad mini (1st generation)
iPhone 5, 4S
iPod touch (5th generation)
iPod touch (4th generation)
Download App Free:
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