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How to print the value of special characters to a textbox?

I have a form which needs to print its value in the textbox1. the forms has a button which can open an text file with a special character. But when the button is pressed it will be displayed in the textbox1. But the same character is the value of textbox1 when the button is not pressed which I would like to remove. I tried a replace textbox1.text but it’s still the same.
Any solution please to remove the characters when the button is pressed?


You can use TextRenderer.MeasureText (from System.Drawing) to measure the font to find how many pixels the string will need.
then you can use TextRenderer.DrawText from System.Drawing to render the text (at the desired position) and TextRenderer.MeasureText to get the text’s width.
With all that you can write something like this:
private void myButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
int oldWidth = 0;
using(StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(@”C:\somePath\test.txt”))

TextRenderer.DrawText(oldWidth, oldWidth,
new Point(yourTextBox.Left, yourTextBox.Top),
TextFormatFlags.Left | TextFormatFlags.VerticalCenter);

TextRenderer.MeasureText(oldWidth, oldWidth,

oldWidth = yourTextBox.Text.Replace(“1234567890”, string.Empty)


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