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While Photoshop is a powerful tool, using it can be extremely frustrating if you’re not careful. Photoshop is very powerful and very difficult to use at the same time. That’s why I’ve created these few Photoshop tutorials. Hopefully, they will save you some time when you’re working with the software.

If you’re looking for tutorials for other Adobe products, check out these:

Good images are everything in photography. You should be aware of three essential elements that you need to know in order to improve your photography and get the best out of any photo you shoot.

1. Understanding Exposure

The first thing you need to learn when taking pictures is exposure. Exposure is the process of controlling the exposure, the amount of light that reaches your camera’s sensor. Exposure can be controlled through your camera’s exposure mode, ISO (increased sensitivity to light), autofocus and lens aperture.

When you’re photographing, you should always be ready to change these settings depending on what you want to achieve and the type of lighting that you’re trying to capture. To understand exposure, I’ve created a video tutorial on the subject.

2. Understanding White Balance

In photography, white balance is the most important thing to master as it’s the most often-underestimated major adjustment. White balance refers to the temperature of the object and the camera’s white color rendering that creates a white light for your camera’s sensor to work with.

Without getting into technical details, simply said: white balance refers to the color, or tint, that your camera produces when shooting into light sources, which affect the color balance of a scene. Black and white objects have their own distinct colors, and objects that are made of white material have the appearance of being white. This is due to a mixture of natural and artificial light sources, which are very different colors.

When you photograph white objects (pink flowers, clouds, white space, white towels, etc.) in indoor and outdoor lighting, the color of the object appears neutral. When you photograph white objects in direct sunlight, such as your face, they look blue. This is because the light is coming from an incandescent light bulb, which is a warm color.

Although it’s not usually a big deal, you should know that there are situations in which the white balance needs to be

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This post contains a few spoilers for Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two.

At the time of its release in 2011, Gaga’s baby bump-meets-risen-angel art with a pinch of the clown was not an entirely unfamiliar aesthetic. During the mid to late 2000s, she’d worn her characterizing “I just want to be bad” lipstick and suddenly legitimate as of a “pop star” who could appeal to both adolescence and adults. It was the clear duo of Feds and EJ for the Studio 54 era, smiling in the tub at work in the 1960s.

Sometimes the real can be more artful than the fantasy, and in the early 2010s Gaga made the most of her own personal history as an attempted “cynical underdog.” Like a crone or a queen wearing the trappings of a star while making a political point, Gaga was able to exist outside her signature image by imbuing it with more political relevance than those behind the voice of pop had thought possible.

She was scheduled to perform in front of no one at all in Vulture’s 2011 hit Lady Gaga and the Press: The Truth About the Truth and lies of Topless Magazine, the New York magazine that was once a big part of her PR machine. (Vulture will never know how many people really did buy into the myth of a string-cuffed groupie, or how many just wanted to see her slice off her own nipple.)

In the filmed segment, Gaga’s had lost weight and hair, been forced to adopt the low-cut dress, and danced for the crowd in a put-on version of her Define-a-Type fashion show runway at the Piers 8x installation in 2011. In Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two, the camera passes over Gaga’s face as she sings, telling the world the truth about her longtime fame.

There’s no denying Gaga’s power to captivate, and now, on the eve of her AT&T commercial debut, Gaga’s looking around for a new audience. Her latest music video, released Wednesday, sees her trying to figure out what her new role as a mom and wife has been, and how to re-imagine herself as a better feminist.

Sitting in the middle of her studio, the video leaves you with a very different version of the “dancer/mother

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After the dog days of summer are a thing of the past, we can now enjoy the moody season of Fall. One of the coolest and most expensive events to hit fall is the Vienna International Film Festival, or better known as the Viennale. This is the oldest international film festival on the planet, with its 51st festival scheduled to take place October 16 to November 4. There will be a selection of more than 450 feature films from 55 countries.

Join me in this week’s CV thread for the 4th edition of the Vienna International Film Festival:

The opening films are:

-“Awake” (Ken Loach, USA)

-Land Raiders (Tomasz Chrobog, Poland)

-Mr. Wonderful (Walter Salles, USA)

-Una Vacanza” (Pedro Almodovar, Spain)

-Fatigado (Oscar Campos, Brazil)

-The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (Amos Gitai, USA)

The filmmakers to see:

-Johnnie To (The Storm Riders” (Hong Kong)

-Jia Zhang-ke (Still Life)

-Pedro Almodovar (Kika” (Spain)

-Mike Leigh (Another Year)

Best new directors:

-Oscar Campos (Fatigado)

-Amos Gitai (The Killing of a Chinese Bookie)

Best new cinematographers:

-Wataru Takeishi (A Perfect Day for Banzai” (Japan)

-Freddie Francis (Kika”)

Best new actors:

-Dermot Mulroney (The Killing of a Chinese Bookie)

-Carlo Hoss (The Lady” (Germany)

Best new actresses:

-Tilda Swinton (Una Vacanza”)

-Penelope Cruz (Amarcord)

-Heather Graham (The Killing of a Chinese Bookie)

Best new composers:

-Wu Bai (Land Raiders)

-Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight)

Best new script-writers:

-Sean R. Burns (The Force)

-Stevan Harnad (Blue in the Face)

-James J. Sheridan Jr. (Looking for Richard)

Best original screenplays:

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