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To get started with Photoshop, first download the program from the Adobe website. After installation, you’ll be able to start Photoshop by using the Windows Start menu or double-clicking on the Photoshop icon.


Open Photoshop and select File from the top menu bar. In the Open dialog box, select Photoshop Document.

Type a new document name in the Location field and click Open.

You may need to add a file extension if the document is not automatically added. Double-click the new document to open it.

If you are using a Photoshop Add-in, you will need to select the button from the Tools > Manage Add-ins menu as well.

You should see three choices: Undo, Redo, and History. To create a new layer, simply click the Layer menu and select Create New. You can add a name for the new layer. You can move or resize a layer by using the handles on either side.

To move a layer, click one of the handles and drag the layer to another location. To resize the layer, drag one of the handles.

In a standard layout, you will be able to add layers on top of each other. You can select multiple layers and move them with the Layer menu.

When editing a layer, you can move it directly from the Layers panel or the Outline panel. To move a layer from the Layers panel, simply hover your mouse over the layer and drag it to another location.

To move a layer from the Outline panel, you can simply drag it.

You can activate any layer in the Layers panel by clicking on the check box on the bottom of the layer. This will make the layer visible on the page.

You can click the eye icon on a layer and reduce the opacity to a certain level. You can also right-click on the layer and choose Reduce Opacity from the context menu.

To turn the background off in a layer, select the layer and hit the Delete key or press the Ctrl+A keys to select all the pixels in the layer.

To save a file, you can select File from the top menu bar and select Save As. You will be able to select the name of the file. You can also check the box labeled Save for Web so that you can save the file in either the PNG format or JPEG format.

There are three different menus for Photoshop: the

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What is Adobes Photoshop Elements?

The user interface of the Photoshop Elements is based on the window system of the Mac OS X operating system. It consists of a small window where you can edit an image and a panel to the right that shows the different layers of the image. If you hover your mouse over a layer you get the name of that layer. If you click on one layer, all the layers below it move up a level. As you can imagine this means it is easy to delete or hide a layer.

In version 1.0 it was only possible to edit full-color images with the Photoshop Elements program. The program was extended to support also 16-bit grayscale images, not just 8-bit grayscale images as in Photoshop. The program can also resize a high-resolution image, which is only possible in version 1.0.

The program is available as a free download. It is limited to the Mac OS X version 10.5 (Leopard) through 10.9. (Mavericks) and the Windows version runs only on Microsoft Windows XP. For Windows users there is a version available that is activated via an online registration process which is limited to a certain number of people. An online registration is only possible in the Windows version.

Adobe Photoshop Elements comes with 10 built-in effects that can be used with regular color images, full-color images and grayscale images. If you click on the Filter button in the top-left of the program, a dialog box with a list of all available filters opens. The dialog box is divided in two parts, the upper area shows an image of the image to which a filter is applied. The lower part lists the available filters. The window that opens shows you the effects of the filter on the left and the effects of filters at the same level as the selected filter on the right. You can select the filter in the upper part and adjust the effects in the lower part.

If you double click on an image to open it in a window in the main program the active filter list is at the top. There is a shortcut for this in the program. If a filter is active, any adjustment you make with the adjustment tool changes the image. If you double click on a selection, the filter settings are applied directly to the selection.

Adobe Photoshop Elements contains over 300 built-in presets. All presets are organized in a list and can be sorted by name, alphabetically

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Support for

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