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Fuzzball Muck is a easy-to-use and lightweight networked MUD chat server that supports multi-users.
It is user-extensible, and newer versions (6.x) support advanced features such as GUI dialogs, through close client-server cooperation with Trebuchet or other clients that support MCP-GUI.







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Fuzzball Muck is based on a combination of features from scripting languages such as Perl, and database managers such as PostgreSQL.
They include the ability to write plugins which provide many functions to the server.
* Fuzzball Muck is a networked MUD using a master-slave protocol.
* It is written in Perl.
* It is extremely easy to modify to suit special needs.
* It has an easy to use graphical administration interface (MCP-GUI).
* It supports plugins which add new functions and features to the server, or extend those already supported.
* Many modules provide functions that help the user add himself on a web site, to fill forms, or to play games with other players.
* It includes an HTML based multi-user chat server.
* It includes an advanced bug tracker (Tamper).
* It supports long-forms chats.
* With the help of modules, it also supports bots (favorsites, friends, etc).
* It can use the TIMIRO softmodem and protocols for the VoIP.
* It supports g729 (for speech).
* It supports ASCII art.
* It supports game statistics and game history.
* It supports inline game commands.
* It supports directory listing.
* It allows configuring time settings such as real time and weekly totals.
* It supports remote access.
* It supports file transfers.
* It allows the user to share files.
* It supports multi-server/multi-account support (realm)
* It supports VCard exchanging.
* The software is portable, and can run on a variety of platforms (Linux, Windows, others).
* It’s install is easy, and easy to use.

Latest revision as of 07:25, 16 February 2009

What’s in the News :

I’ve been testing Fuzzball 6.x, and it seems to work well, and contains many improvements, as well as the addition of a new game.
It has renamed itself to ‘Fuzzball Muck’, and now supports the use of different maps, and an additional map in its code base.


Latest version: 6.x


Fuzzball Muck is a easy-to-use and lightweight networked MUD chat server that supports multi-users.
It is user-extensible, and

Fuzzball Muck [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

Fuzzball Muck is a MUD server with novel features, that is easy to use, so that a user or a group of users can create their own MUD server in minutes, without any programming knowledge.
Fuzzball Muck is an easy-to-use instant-message based instant-messaging system with a mini-real-time MUD engine with multi-user support.
The system keeps track of the user’s screen location and turns that into a virtual desktop.
There is a built-in emoticon client with a full set of emoticons. The emoticon client has a very user-friendly GUI.
The system allows you to run code, called scripts, from within your own MUD. Scripts will have access to the chat system as well as the graphical display interface.
With a small amount of code you can create a graphical avatar that can be used with chat.
Use your own custom chat interface or use the built-in one, very easily.
Fuzzball Muck Features:
* Full GUI support
* Emoticon support
* Built-in IRC client with access to the engine
* Chatroom time and permissions
* Auto-firewall on the public channel
* Custom emoticon set
* Formatted rooms
* Import and export rooms
* Ability to re-start MUD server
* JNI/JavaScript support
* Slaves mode support
* Customizable server configuration
* Database backup and restore
* Custom MUD sections
* Custom channel prefixes
* Script support
* Networked MUD engine
* Modular system
* Support for multi-users and multiple queues per user
* Can export rooms
* Direct client connections to a server
* Auto-join public rooms in clients
* Custom room configuration
* Multiple MapMod files
* Custom topic key bindings
* Built-in MUD sections
* Roles support
* Custom server config file support
* Restricted client channels
* Auto-looting
* Custom helpfiles
* WorldMapRotation
* Crash dump and crash log capture
* Running of the modules with command-line interface
* Run custom command-line scripts
* Themes support
* Online help guide and online documentation
* Server administration, including settings, rooms, and rooms directories
* Rich text editor
* File browser to configure rooms and other settings
* Seq of messages for multi-channel support
* Module support

Fuzzball Muck Free

Fuzzball Muck is a reliable in-game chat server.
Like IRC, it allows several users to talk to each other at once without interfering.
Since it uses TCP and JavaScript for client-server communication, it has better performance than its younger userspace cousins such as BBServers, MU* and BOTs that rely on polling, socketpairs, or serializing chat text on disk.
Support for user-customizable codes in the configuration file and a free-form scripting language allows for a flexible network to be coded.
Fuzzball Muck supports multi-users, and reads and writes to custom encodings of game-name, as well as normal ASCII and HEX encodings for ASCII and HEX players.
Fuzzball Muck Client Features:
Easy configuration GUI
Advanced multi-user support (including commands for manual administrative access)
Support for server-side (trebuchet) cut-and-paste text editing
Regular expressions supported as user input
Anti-ban search word list that will prevent auto-ban on sight of it
Support for character classes, such as wannabe and has a sword
Simple command-line interface for user scripts
Support for encodings such as hex or UTF-8.
Support for user-configurable codes for cheating
Define themes, fonts and map styles as well as account and user names
Fuzzball Muck Settings:
Setting Name: authcode
Description: User authentication code which will be looked up by server (used to prevent automated login when a player is logged in)
Setting Name: mode
Description: Can I play as a favorite character? Playable character types are listed here:
Setting Name: nick
Description: Character name that will appear in the chat
Setting Name: font
Description: Font (in.ttf format, but at least.TTF) to use for player name and mapname
Setting Name: mapstyle
Description: The “layout style” of the game (see the “Maps” section for more)
Setting Name: iav
Description: Type of auto-attack when a character attacks another (used when no target is specified in a chat message)
Setting Name: namechange
Description: Is the server handling name changes? (False by default, but used for offline client sync)
Setting Name: servercollision
Description: If names are being changed, are multi-user clients using the old names

What’s New In Fuzzball Muck?

Fuzzball Muck is an MUD offering multi-player role-playing games, without the time and money constraints.
Fuzzball Muck is a free networked client/server chat system that can support a large number of concurrent user sessions.
Server-client communication is accomplished by network sessions established by the client.
All MUD servers require a specific server code, depending on the client platform.
Fuzzball Muck is coded in C, with an application programming interface (API) available that can be used by non-programmers as well.
The server code is built to be fast and lightweight, without excessive resource requirements.
The client code is portable and can run on any *NIX system that can run Tcl/Tk.
The MUD server and client code is originally based on the Fuzzball Muck client project (Fuzzball) and is released under the GNU General Public License
What is Fuzzball Muck?
Fuzzball Muck is a peer-to-peer chat client and MUD server.
It is free and distributed under the GNU General Public License.
Fuzzball Muck is coded in Tcl/Tk, and provides a client-server protocol that allows users to form their own communities.
Fuzzball Muck is extensible by users, as it can support new features as they are needed.
A MUD client can be used to connect to an existing MUD server (or MUD accounts).
A MUD client can also be used to run its own server.
Fuzzball Muck focuses on simplicity, efficiency, extensibility, and security.
Fuzzball Muck can be built with object-oriented programming techniques.
What’s new in Fuzzball Muck 6.0?
The original Fuzzball Muck was released in early 2004.
Since then, it’s been developed based on user suggestions and added features requested by users.
Fuzzball Muck 6.0 contains three major new features:
1. Smaller and safer client code.
1. Player Profiles on the server.
1. Web-ready web server.
* Security : The new hash function used is safer than SHA-1, and the whole client has been rewritten using such a method.
* Client : It can run on platforms with more limited resources (i386 and AIX).
* UI : Fuzzball Muck


System Requirements For Fuzzball Muck:

Adobe AIR Player (minimum Windows OS : Win 7 and up. Mac OS : 10.5 and up. Android : 2.3 and up. Latest versions are recommended.)
(minimum Windows OS : Win 7 and up. Mac OS : 10.5 and up. Android : 2.3 and up. Latest versions are recommended.) Adobe AIR runtime (minimum Windows OS : Win 7 and up. Mac OS : 10.5 and up. Android : 2.3 and up. Latest versions are recommended.)
(minimum Windows OS : Win 7 and up.


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