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Common Uses

Photo Manipulation: Increasing saturation, changing hue, turning over images and altering lighting or shadows to make them look more natural and attractive.

Generate an Image File Format: Creating custom image file types for use with different digital cameras, scanners and printers and to create graphic documents for printing, saving as a PDF, or converting to other file types, such as.eps

Create Various Output Media: Including printing, scanning, and the creation of e-mail or Web pages.

Advanced Edits

Remove Selections: This enables users to remove parts of an image that they don’t want.

Create Custom Layers: Can create multiple layers for different purposes such as image editing and printing, or any other custom purposes.

Clone and Link: This enables a user to copy a specific area on an image and paste it elsewhere.

Convert to Other Formats: Convert the image into a different file format such as PDF or print.

Creating Screenshots: Allows a user to take screenshots of images, websites or any other document.

Create Vector Graphics: This is a newer computer-creation method that allows users to create logos, artwork, and various other types of graphics that can be easily replicated.

Where to Find Free Photoshop Tutorials and More Resources

Whether you are new to Photoshop or more experienced, there are plenty of resources available online for learning how to use Photoshop.

Many advanced features can be learned at a later stage, but having the basics down before you jump into advanced editing methods can save you time and frustration.

Free Photoshop tutorials often focus on how to use the more basic features of Photoshop, but it is always best to consult an experienced tutor if you want to learn the most from your learning experience.

A good place to start learning how to use Photoshop is to take a basic online course.

Learn how to use Photoshop from the experts at GraphicRiver, the world’s largest online learning resource for graphic designers, digital artists and illustrators. See a demo of what you will learn.

There are also a wide variety of tutorials and courses available for free on Adobe’s Creative Cloud service.

This provides limitless access to all of the learning and creativity tools that Adobe offers.

You can use the library to learn or to improve your skills.

The CS6 version of Photoshop has an eBook that is a resource for learning. It

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What’s the difference between the two versions?

There are four main differences between the two versions:

The tools, menus and layers are significantly simpler in Elements.

Elements is free to use but limited to five images per month.

Elements is priced at under $100 but up to $850 depending on the features.

Elements is available on Mac, Windows, Linux and iOS.

The difference between Elements and Photoshop is the same. The version you need is defined by the type of images you edit. There are many kinds of images, like landscape, portrait, large file, normal file, etc. The kind of image you create determines which one you need.

The following description lists the main differences between Photoshop and Elements.

1. Camera Raw and Bridge

Camera Raw

Elements can capture photos directly from the camera and add features like exposure correction, resolution conversion and rotating images.


This is a view of the files you are editing in Photoshop Elements. Unlike Photoshop where you have a workspace and an image area, Elements works with individual images.

Bridge is a feature added to Elements 2015. When you open an image, you will see a colorful group of icons. Each of these icons represents a tab in Bridge. The image you are editing will always be open in the ‘Main Image’ tab. When you need to view another image, you have to close the image and open it in the main image tab.

2. Image adjustment


An image can be exposed by moving the slider. There are three main sections of the Exposure adjustment, Midtone, Highlight and Shadow. When you click on the slider or the ‘exposure’ tool, the image will adjust accordingly.

Exposure can make a huge difference in images depending on how you use it. If you don’t adjust the image, your images will look very bright or very dark. The ‘exposure’ tool lets you adjust the image easily and help people correct a bright image using the sliders.

In Photoshop, you use the Curves tool to edit and adjust your image exposure. You can also use the tools mentioned below.


Elements doesn’t have a tool for this adjustment, but a setting in Elements can be used for the same result. You can also reduce the white balance.


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