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After you’re trained, you can learn to wield Photoshop’s artistic tools to create iconic images for your projects.

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Here is our list of the top Photoshop tutorials for beginners that you can follow for a quick jump-start in the art of editing.

1. Adjust Skin Tones

Tone is the visual difference between white and black areas on an image. It’s the way light makes its way through an object and hits a piece of paper, as shown in Figure 1. Tone affects the color of an image, so getting even skin tone is always a good idea.

Figure 1: Tone determines the color of an image.

There’s a whole system for adjustment of skin tones. The simplest method is to simply make the shadows darker and highlights lighter using the Levels option in Photoshop’s Basic or Expert tool panels. You can also use Curves, in Photoshop’s Layers panel, to make adjustments, as you can see in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Use Curves to increase the shadows on this image.

2. Create a Branding Graphic

If you’re a fan of any of the more recognizable brands on the Internet, chances are you might find yourself playing a game of “Who Is That?” and “Hey, That’s That Brand!” as you browse various sites. Creating a logo is a great way to give your brand a consistent look.

Figure 3: Use the Text tool to create a logo.

To create a logo in Photoshop, use the Text tool to click to a spot on your image and type the text you want to appear on your brand. Figure 4 shows the initial design.

Figure 4: Design a simple logo.

The Text tool is also helpful for more complex logos. Figure 5 shows the final logo design.

Figure 5: Create a more complex logo.

3. Draw a Cartoon Animal

It doesn’t have to be a bear or a dragon or an octopus — you can use the Photoshop tools to draw anything. This tutorial shows you how to draw an animal like a bat.

Figure 6: Draw a cartoon animal.

Before you start, create a new layer. Then select the Brush tool and click the color square to pick one of the colors in the tool box. Figure 7 shows the brush ready for action.

Figure 7: Pick a brush.

Click and drag in one

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If you want to make graphics in your favorite programs, you have to adjust the opacity and brightness of the image and then save it to a new file. This is time consuming and requires lots of screen space. Photoshop Elements makes it easy to prepare the image for the printer. You can process images using a wide variety of filters, color transitions, effects, blurs and lighting.

Photo Image Processing

Key Features

Elements offers a number of powerful image editing tools that allow you to crop, resize and align your image while maintaining the quality of the final product.

You can edit the color, brightness and contrast of an image with the Elements adjustment tools. You can make basic photo adjustments, such as correcting shadows, brightness, color and contrast. Elements also offers specialized photo editing tools including smoothing, softening, sharpening, blemish removal, and enlarging.

Elements supports a wide variety of image formats. You can import your images from digital cameras or CDs, process and resize images, create and save bitmaps in various image formats.

You can trim, crop and straighten the edges of your photos.

The program allows you to create a variety of artistic effects with different color transitions and filters.

Lighting, shadows and highlights can be adjusted, and you can use texture and blending to create artistic effects.

You can create professional photo editing templates and easy thumbnails for web pages and documents.

You can export images in a variety of sizes or rotate an image.

You can import and export WebP images.

You can even create Photoshop compatible PSD files.

Elements includes a library of more than 2,000 effects, filters and artistic tools. You can use these tools to enhance the final appearance of your photos.

The advanced photo editing tools in Elements include advanced color features such as the Hue/Saturation editor.

When you use the edit tools in the Elements library, the interface is very similar to that of Photoshop. The only difference is that the tools are organized into sections rather than being displayed all together in one area.

Get ready to take your photos to another level. Download the Elements software and open all your photos in the program. No need to adjust the colors and brightness of the images; Elements does all the work for you.

Steps to Editing Images with Elements

If you are a beginner, or if you don’t want to make a

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Excel – avoid messagebox when closing Excel with two distinct criteria

I use an excel macro that simply sums up a datasheet per day, per week, etc…
I would like to “kill” the macro and so I have a “Control+Break” and “End Task”.
But it seems a bit annoying to use two buttons for only one result.
With this code, I simply send a message to the user (where “You must close excel before continuing the macro. press OK to continue or cancel to kill the macro”) :
Sub CloseWorkbook()
MsgBox “You must close excel before continuing the macro. Press OK to continue or cancel to kill the macro.”, vbCritical
Exit Sub
End Sub

How can I avoid this messagebox?
I tried with :
Application.OnTime TimeValue(“0:00:00”), “CloseWorkbook”

But it does not works well.


If you only ever need one macro to run, then it should not be a macro. I would suggest an empty function that calls a menu option instead (Add option from VBA: Insert|Macro and then choose “Function”).
The application.onTime statement works by calling the function at the specified time. The reason it doesn’t work for you is because the messagebox appears before the function is started, so it isn’t going to wait until the function finishes before telling the user to exit.

Ruthenium acetylides: synthesis, coordination chemistry, and interactions with aryl halides.
Reaction of the sterically congested ortho-diamine-dichlorodimethylruthenium intermediate [Ru(Ar)(Cl)(NHAr)]2 (Ar = C6H5) (1) with propan-2-ol followed by exposure to air resulted in the formation of a mixture of [Ru(C6H11)(Ar)(OH2)]2 and Ru(OH2)2(Ar)2 (2) (Ar = C6H5; Ar = C6F5). Reaction of 1 with [RuCl2(COD)]2 (COD = 1,5-cyclooctadiene) afforded [RuCl2(C6H11)(NHAr)]2 (3) (Ar = C6H5, Me, Bn) in good yield.

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Next time, we can have a bit more work to look at. I’m thinking about whole-brain imaging and what fMRI studies can do to help us understand the later stages of recognition. It’s more complicated than just comparing responses between saccades and fixations,

System Requirements:

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