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As a beginner, you can use Photoshop Elements, which is even more widely used than Photoshop. Elements is an easy and affordable program to start out with. Follow the steps in the “Creating a New Document” section in this chapter to start a new Photoshop file. 1. Open a new file. 2. Choose File⇒New. 3. In the New dialog box, choose Photoshop File, as shown in Figure 2-1. You may see the Save As dialog box open. If you do, choose File⇒Save As, and navigate to the folder that you want to save the file. Photoshop displays the Photoshop File dialog box. **Figure 2-1:** Use File⇒New to open the Photoshop File dialog box. Deciding how you want to layer your photos You may know what a layer is, but Photoshop can make it easier for you to understand what a layer is for. A layer is a way of grouping elements together to create a single, independent entity. Elements are only present in layers; you can’t edit elements that aren’t part of a layer. Layers are one of the most important tools that you can use in Adobe Photoshop. When you start, you have a layer called Background. You can use the Background layer to separate your images into areas of color that you want to use. (Refer to Figure 2-2.) **Figure 2-2:** The Background layer is where you store layers that will be applied to your image. Creating layers The Layers dialog box organizes layers into groups called palettes. This arrangement enables you to create and modify your layers. A layer can have any number of palettes, such as the following: The Background palette: The Background palette shows the colors of your image, such as the background of the image or a separate, distinct image on a transparent background. The Foreground palette: The Foreground palette includes the contents of any layer in the image that you want to print or otherwise use. Each layer can have a different color. The Text palette: The Text palette displays the contents of text layers, such as the text on a sign, a title, or a logo. The Clipping Mask palette: The Clipping Mask palette holds layers that you want to be able to edit but still appear in the final image. You can see only the portions of

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Learn to edit images and create your own, and even upload them to the web with Photoshop’s powerful features, all in one. This guide shows you how to use Photoshop’s basic tools, including the Photoshop Elements features. After this lesson you will be able to: Create a simple black and white image or colour image (black and white) Apply a filter to any type of image. Create textures and apply various effects to images. Select an area of an image and remove it. Resize and make copies of images. Adjust the contrast of any type of image. Adjust the brightness and exposure of any type of image. Create a straight image and save it. Apply Levels to adjust the entire image. Fix problems, make adjustments and finish images with it. Get more information about Photoshop Elements and Photoshop. For more general advice on getting started with Photoshop, see Get started with Photoshop. To start, click OK to accept the terms of use. The dialog box shows a guide to the basic tools, a brush, an eraser, a ruler, a selection tool and file panels. You can change the appearance of the screen by clicking the FINDER tab at the top of the screen. You can also choose a format that you want to use for your screen. The standard screen is fine for the basics. The alternatives are ‘tall’ for creating large screens for bigger monitors or ‘wide’ for creating small screens for smaller monitors. Photoshop Elements has an easy set-up process, but you can set up it to automatically update your web or mobile device. You’ll learn how in the next chapter. If you don’t see the Photoshop Elements window, click the icon in the lower-left corner of the screen to open it. Photoshop Elements Photo Editor The Basic panel The Basic panel is a collection of tools to create the elements you’ll need to make your images look right. Create black and white or colour images from photographs or files. Adjust the levels, contrast and brightness of any type of image and apply filters. Make copies of images and resize them. Make edges harder to see with blurred edges. You can also use the edges to help you make up masks. Use the lighten/darken tools and the levels controls to make your images more 05a79cecff

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Game Version: WU2.0 Xbox One: Version 1.06 or higher Xbox 360: Version 1.07 or higher PlayStation®4: Version 1.11 or higher PS3®: Version 1.12 or higher Windows PC: Version 1.13 or higher Mac OS X: Version 1.15 or higher SteamOS®: Version 1.17 or higher Linux: Version 1.17 or higher Additional Notes: – Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash

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