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## **When to Use Photoshop**

People use Photoshop for editing photographs, graphics, illustrations, and logo designs. This software is perfect for creating custom digital products like greeting cards, e-books, and calendars. If you’re a graphic artist or if you already use Illustrator and graphic software like InDesign, you may also find Photoshop useful.

* If you edit text in an online graphics editor, Photoshop’s powerful features can greatly enhance your work. It is possible to create a website from scratch using Photoshop. If you learn how to use the software, you can also create a website with another graphics editor like Adobe Fireworks or Dreamweaver.

* If you’re in the business of having your photos edited, Photoshop is probably the best-suited software for the job.

* If you’re a graphic designer, you may find it helpful to have Photoshop at your disposal when creating a Web site. It’s also useful for assembling documents with a book layout.

* * *

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The program can also be used for graphic design, photography, and website design.

Image Editing

The program can be used to create new images, add color and manipulation and many more things.

Editing of images may be done through the one-on-one or multi-track editing.

One-on-one editing means that you can edit one image or part of image. You can select the area of interest or object to edit and use available tools in Photoshop Elements to change it into various types of images. On the other hand, multi-track editing allows you to include a number of images to use for a template. The user can apply changes and save the template as a single file.

After editing, you can save it as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, or even use the Adobe Photoshop Elements template library.


The program has an easy to use keyboard. By moving the cursor over the text and then pressing the arrow keys you can change the text.

The default font is Arial. You can also use different fonts such as Comic Sans, Times New Roman or even change the font size.

You can also make characters on the pixels of the background of the image.

Moreover, you can easily write and edit text on PDF files.


The program can be used to change the entire image into various colors. It also allows the user to change the colors of the different objects in the image.

Moreover, you can change the color of specific objects in the image or the pixels of the image itself.

With the help of the B&W filter, you can easily remove objects from the image.

An interesting feature in Photoshop Elements is that you can use colorful photos and make them black and white. You can filter the photo using the Hue/Saturation/Luminance filter.

Filter Effects

There are 10 effects and filters available in the program.

You can use the following filters and effects to change the colors of the image:

Gradient Map


Sepia Tones





Bleach Bypass





Cheshire Cat



Artistic and Free Transform

When you edit and transform

Photoshop Download Blog


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