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* Adobe Photoshop * Adobe Photoshop Elements * Adobe Fireworks * Adobe Illustrator * Adobe InDesign * Adobe Photoshop Lightroom * Adobe Photoshop Express * Creative Cloud Libraries ## Adobe Fireworks Adobe Fireworks (Figure 13-1) is a free all-in-one creative vector graphics editor and workflow tool. This user-friendly graphic design application allows users to create high-resolution vector-based graphics, edit digital photographs, and animate 2D and 3D images. It’s commonly used in industries such as digital media, television, web design, games, and motion graphics because it’s free and quite easy to use. **Figure 13-1:** Adobe Fireworks creates vector graphics. Adobe Fireworks is also included in the Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop Elements packages and comes in many flavors. Fireworks is a perfect tool for beginner and intermediate users who want to create vector images and illustration for print or the Web.

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In this article, we’ll discuss some essential features of Photoshop Elements and how it compares to Photoshop. We’ll also review the different tasks that it can be used for. Features of Photoshop Elements 1. Basic – Advanced Elements Elements is capable of performing many image editing tasks, but beginners may find it more difficult to use than the other versions of Photoshop. However, the pro version of Photoshop has an advanced editing feature that is not available in Elements, the Camera Raw tab. With the popularity of mobile photography, elements has taken the role of editing mobile photos. 2. Lightroom Lightroom is a photo editor for photographers who use advanced photo editing. Lightroom is based on Adobe’s Lightroom 3, which is what professional photographers use. Photoshop Elements can open and save Lightroom catalogs, but it cannot perform some functions used by Photoshop’s editing features. The catalogs cannot be shared between Elements and Lightroom. 3. Transform Traditionally Photoshop was used for enhancing and manipulating images. Now that Adobe has made available cloud-based storage solutions such as Adobe Portfolio and Dropbox, Photoshop Elements has been improved to edit photos. It still functions the same way it used to, but it provides a better experience, allowing users to edit their photos on their own home computers. It is the place to edit original photos or make professional modifications. 4. Photoshop in a Browser Photoshop Elements is designed to enhance photos, so it was well-suited to use online. Whether you’re editing your photos online or using your images on a website, Elements allows you to use it within the browser window. If you’re using an online editing service, you can open the files that you upload right in Elements. 5. Web Filters While editing your photos in Elements, you can also manipulate them online by using the various filters available. The filters help you to create effects and modify a photo as you edit in Elements. Most of the popular filters available in Elements are free, but there are also filters that cost money. If you’re creating images for your website, you may consider purchasing an editing service that allows you to get your work done quickly. Additional Features of Photoshop Elements 1. Online As long as you have an internet connection, you can edit and store your photos from any place. You can upload your images, 05a79cecff

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