NeoSoft NeoPaint V5.2.0 PATCHED Cracked-SND Serial Key

NeoSoft NeoPaint V5.2.0 PATCHED Cracked-SND Serial Key

NeoSoft NeoPaint V5.2.0 Cracked-SND Serial KeyDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


NeoSoft NeoPaint V5.2.0 Cracked-SND Serial Key

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This release of NeoSoft NeoPaint contains fixes for many glitches that are present in 5.1.0. This release of NeoSoft NeoPaint contains fixes for many glitches that are present in 5.1.0, which also applies to 5.2.0. The 5.2.0 version of NeoSoft NeoPaint contains some corrections and also some improvements and general tweaks. They consist mainly of: – New change: NeoSoft finally implemented its autoreload routine inside its display engine which is always required when working with NeoPaint in a networked environment. – Some improvements and tweaks: 1-Hex strings: The program now correctly displays the hex editor notes when displaying any hex dump file. 2-Save and Load: The program can now save and load windows, new windows, dibujo, layers and shapes files to and from the archive type specified by default (zip for windows, gzip for UNIX) 3-Expression : the following 2 expressions can now be used: :$m$ :$m$ :$m$, :$m, $m :$m, $m 4-PC Board : the program is now able to open PC board files (EPS, DDC, and GED) which come with the files’ original author. 5-Smart Layer: several small fixes and additions: -When printing a full screen image with smart layer, the image is no longer masked. -Smart layer now supports size adjustment. -Smart layer is now more dependant of the window and dibujo (matte, soft alpha, and black/white) -High-resolution dithers are now supported, with no ugly coloured dither pattern. -Smart layers can now be saved and reloaded with other files. -Smart layer index is now automatically saved inside the smart layer and will be loaded on opening the smart layer file. -You can now rotate the smart layer angle using the key window. -File list now shows a preview of each image when selecting a file, and in the file list itself when right clicking a file. -New png/gif image dumping routine. -Several debugging functions added. -The program can now query and save which windows are kept when closing or restoring the desktop, and which windows remain on the desktop when restoring the desktop. -A help screen is available when launching the program for the first time. –

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