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Online HTML Viewer is a free software that allows you to view HTML pages online. It has been designed to make it easy to read, edit, or otherwise organize HTML files, while keeping local file changes synchronized with the online version.
This easy-to-use tool is available in two versions: a 64-bit version for Windows, and a 32-bit version for other operating systems.
A user can use it to check his or her browser’s HTML View settings. In addition, it allows you to update them in any specific location.
The settings are organized in several categories that you can change, for example: block-level elements (paragraphs, images, tables, figures, etc.), the document format (HTML, XHTML, Microdata, XML, RSS), the column order (left to right, and right to left), the use of Netscape’s proprietary extensible style sheet language (xsl:fo), and the availability of images (crop, substitute, no substitute, none).
In each category, you can also see the default settings, as well as a detailed description and a comment section to explain the purpose of each property.
Online HTML Viewer also allows you to create shortcuts for you favorite pages. The software can extract the HTML document’s URL from web addresses, such as:
A user can also use it to fetch or update items from specific remote locations, such as:
You can also create two types of shortcuts in the program:
Soft Refresh: A soft refresh will open the specified page in your default browser without applying any changes.
Hard Refresh: A hard refresh will open the specified page, to the exact date, time and location.
The online version has a customizable interface, that allows you to customize the floating window’s look and behavior.
Once installed, a user can access online HTML Viewer by going to “Tools > Internet Options > General, and it is fully compatible with recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.
Its interface is very straightforward, since “drag and drop” is unsupported, and users can use it to navigate the online version and open a hyperlink by double-clicking

Offline HTML Viewer


OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Processor: x86, 64-bit

x86, 64-bit Memory: 2 GB RAM

2 GB RAM Screen resolution: 1024×768 (or higher)

1024×768 (or higher) Free disk space: 30 GB

30 GB Free disk space required for installation: 10 GB

10 GB File system: NTFS

NTFS Virtual memory: 3 GB of RAM

3 GB of RAM Internet connection required: Yes

Yes Program language: English

English Version:

Offline HTML Viewer Screenshots:

Offline HTML Viewer Shortcuts:

Command Prompt: WinKey+R




Skip links view: WinKey+T




Text view: WinKey+L


Back/Forward view: WinKey+B


Help view: WinKey+H


Download Offline HTML Viewer

You don’t need to install Offline HTML Viewer on your computer, as it’s a standalone executable file. You can download the latest version of the tool in a single executable file from the link below. Save it to your hard drive.
Download Offline HTML ViewerQ:

SQL query to get row with value in all elements in comma-delimited string

I have a table with a table1 column with values like this one. (n=1 is the unique ID)
(29,”val1, val2, val3, val4, val5, val6″)

I need to generate a query that will return the table1 value if all values exist in the table1 values comma-separated string. The intention is to use the column in a plpgsql function like this:
CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION f_validate_table1(_table1 text)
RETURN (SELECT count(*) FROM table1 WHERE table1 = _table1);
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql

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What’s New In?

– No installation required
– Lightweight and portable
– Configurable via toolbars
– View any webpage offline
– View the page in IE mode (needs iexplore.exe)
– Use the included shortcut on your desktop
– Search text
– Edit, Copy, and Paste text
– Filters (HTML Tidy, Validator)
– Open.html in IE
– Select a single html file to edit
– Open.html in designer mode
– Open.html in designer mode, zoom in and out
– Save as a.html
– Select a single html file to open or edit in designer mode
– Double-click to edit or view the html
– Prints html
– View any web page offline
– View any website in IE mode (Internet Explorer must be downloaded)
– View in design mode (HTML Tidy, Validator)
– View any website in IE mode (Internet Explorer must be downloaded)
– View any website in design mode (HTML Tidy, Validator)
– View any website in IE mode (Internet Explorer must be downloaded)
– View any website in design mode (HTML Tidy, Validator)
– Back to gallery mode or click to restart browse mode
– Drag and drop to choose a html file or directory
– Drag and drop to open or browse
– Zoom in and out of html file
– Use hotkey for highlight one of text.
– Navigate in html file with cursor keys
– Navigate in html file with cursor keys (for IE)
– Navigate with browser (for IE)
– Select folder in file browser to open
– Assign a shortcut to open folder in file browser
– Open any web pages
– Supports Drag-n-Drop (drop HTML file to program window)
– Supports Drag-n-Drop (drop HTML file to program window)
– Supports drag-n-drop (drop HTML file to program window)
– Supports drag-n-drop (drop HTML file to program window)
– Supports drag-n-drop (drop HTML file to program window)
– Supports drag-n-drop (drop HTML file to program window)
– Supports drag-n-drop (drop HTML file to program window)
– Supports drag-n-drop (drop HTML file to program window)
– Supports drag-n-drop (drop HTML file to program window)
– Supports drag-n-drop

System Requirements:

The minimum system requirements are based on a single laptop (desktop or ultrabook) running Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. You can’t use Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi Zero W.
There is an optional $10 SD card reader that can be used to load the OS onto a USB memory stick and the SD card. (SD cards must be 3.3V or 5V and supplied with a microSD card adapter.)
Alternatively, you can run the OS from a USB 3.0/2.

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