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I’ve made the first release of p2s, an app that helps you to listen to the music of your collection remotely on any networked system where java is installed.
p2s – Peer to Speaker Description:


I’ve published the latest beta version of p2s, that will be the last that I will develop for it. It’s the first release of the new version, completely rewritten.
Since it’s based on a maven project, just execute from command line: mvn site
There is a new button in the web interface, called “Download the Source”, that will give you access to the source code of the application. It’s located in the “assets” folder of the project.
If you are a developer you can check the source code and change it, if you wish.
The new version was based on the new features introduced in the last revision of the project and on the new version of the software that will be released.
The new version is also integrated in the web service generated by the maven project, so you can also access to it from an URL.
Please note that I am not accepting any support requests for p2s. If you need anything, don’t ask me, use the forums, or write it in the first place.
There are too many bugs in the current versions, so in order to avoid wasting time with them, I stop the development.
I will keep the project alive and the release archive will be available for at least the next 2 years.


Happy 10th birthday p2s!


Happy Birthday!


Happy 3rd Birthday p2s!


I’ve finally released the last beta version of p2s. It doesn’t have as many bugs as the previous ones, so I guess that this one is ready to be used in production.
Note, however, that some features are still in the process of implementation, so they are not completely finished.
The full version will also be released this week.


Since some time p2s is looking a bit messy and ugly, so I’ve decided to refactor it and make it more “professional”.
The new version has

P2s – Peer To Speaker

* Audio on Demand: No need to wait for the download to finish, select an album and begin listening to it!
* Open source: If you are a programmer you can inspect the source code and even modify it
* Peer to Peer: There is not a central server on the network, so it’s almost impossible to shut down p2s. Moreover, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to create a big network filled with content, as the resources are contributed by every user.
* Multiplatform: Since the program is written in the Java programming language it runs on almost every platform (operative system and cpu architecture), including the major ones (windows, linux, mac OS and solaris).
* Core/View separation: There is a clean separation between the core of the program and his view. You can even have the two parts of the program running on different machines. For instance you can run the core in a central machine and run the interfaces in other machines. This also permits to write different interfaces without touching the core.
* Audio fingerprints: P2s uses audio fingerprints to identify tracks using the musicdns service. If a song is encoded using diferent codecs, the resulting mp3 file will be different, but the audio fingerprint won’t. Moreover, the web interface uses the musicbrainz database in order to let you select an album in a very clean way.
It requires the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
macromedia flash player

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P2s – Peer To Speaker Crack Free X64

P2S is basically the easiest way to play your music on demand. You connect one or more computers, either directly or via network. Then when you want to listen to a specific artist or album, simply select it from a list and click on it to listen to it.
How is it possible? Well, every computer in the P2S network has a service listening to media on demand. When you run p2s, it connects to this service and retrieves information about the available music.
P2S is multi platform: It runs on any operating system.

v. v1.1 (6/13/2006):
– Import and export musicbrainz catalogs from different releases
– Apply audio fingerprints to your music
– Added podcasts
– Added embedded txt files
– Added multiple view mode
– Added musicbrainz support for new releases
– Added a menu bar
– Added playlist support
– Added advanced option
– Added history, changed keys binding
– Added database reload
– When in playlist mode, controls options are not floating anymore
– Fixed a bug, which prevented to move in play list mode
– Fixed a bug, which said that number of musicbrainz items was not saved correctly
– Fixed a bug, which allowed to delete songs if there was no musicbrainz id
– Fixed a bug, which kept uisng broken local files
– Fixed a bug, which kept opened files after closing p2s
– Fixed an icon bug
– Implemented even more useful features:
– Option to browse musicbrainz by date to support concerts
– Options to skip to play list position
– Options to navigate to track and artist info
– Options to export to rar or zip archives
– Option to save your settings
– Option to enable/disable auto exit
– Option to disable auto exit when closing last p2s session
– Option to disable back to start screen
– Option to set auto exit after 10 minutes if no one is connected
– Option to disable auto exit on disconnect
– Option to disable auto exit when disconnect/reconnect
– Option to change p2s name
– Option to show or hide menu bar

v. v1.0 (5/17/2006):
– The new GTK2 version of p2s with ubuntu and windowmaker support
– Various small bugfixes
– Musicbrainz support
– Added a menu bar and better configuration

What’s New in the?


System Requirements For P2s – Peer To Speaker:

Adobe Flash Player 11 or higher is required for this game.
This game is best played on a recent AMD or Intel i5, i7, i3, or i9 CPU.
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