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Arabic-English Dictionary is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you translate words from English into Arabic or vice versa. Simple design The dictionary reveals a plain user interface that allows you to carry out all tasks using minimal effort. A help manual is not included in the package but you can decode the program’s settings on your own because they are intuitive. Translation options Arabic-English Dictionary gives you the possibility to input the word that you want to search for in English or Arabic. The tool is able to automatically show the translated word in case you enable the ‘Auto search’ mode. What’s more, you are allowed to type in the word directly in the main panel or paste it from the clipboard, and clear the working environment. We have tested Arabic-English Dictionary on Windows 8.1 Pro and come across several bugs. The search process is slow and ‘Clear’ function does not work properly. Bugs are a consequence of the fact that the application hasn’t been updated for a long time. The tool eats up from minimal up to moderate amount of CPU and memory resources so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered. Final words All in all, Arabic-English Dictionary disappoints in terms of design and functionality. The tool needs several improvements, starting with an upgraded search engine and a thorough database with English and Arabic words. There’s no support for advanced features that could help you create a list with favorite words, copy the translations to the clipboard, view synonyms, examples and grammatical info, and translate entire sentences, just to name a few suggestions.







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If you’re planning to create a more simple tool to manage your time, you may opt for Personal Diary Crack. It will let you create a task in a very simple way. You can easily add notes and tags, as well as select between daily, weekly, and monthly schemes. You can even create specific tasks as well as link them with other tasks. The main window allows you to view the activities you added and manage all your work by splitting the work into different categories. You can print your diary and save it in different locations, e.g. as a PDF file. The interface can get a bit confusing at first sight, as there are some basic fields and options that you need to get used to. However, if you find it difficult, there is also a help menu and a video tutorial to help you get the best out of it. Also, the program is very stable and runs without a glitch. The best thing about Personal Diary is that you can create and work on different projects simultaneously. So, you can easily develop new features for your website or enhance your image for a special event. To end with Personal Diary is a handy tool to help you manage your daily activities and projects. It allows you to create and manage individual tasks. You can easily plan and manage your work in a specific time frame. Additionally, you can even share it with other users or print it out. EXLITE XTensions is one of the most useful tools you can use to manage your emails and contacts. It lets you extract contacts and emails from your Microsoft Outlook, so you can store them in a text file or paste them into any other application or website without leaving the EXLITE XTensions interface. This way, you can export your contacts and emails in a more convenient way. Not only that, EXLITE XTensions also makes it possible to sort out your messages, categorize them and export them in a new format, e.g. CSV. Extensions can be easily managed using the application’s main interface. Additionally, you can modify the settings, change the column names and choose a new set of files. Here is a detailed EXLITE XTensions Tutorial with screenshots to help you get the best out of the tool. What’s more, EXLITE XTensions is highly portable, i.e. you can store it on an external device (like a USB flash drive) or save it to any computer and load it at any time.

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This is a lightweight, easy to use and handy application that offers an extensive list of useful features. It has a basic and simple interface, all features are available in a tabbed format and the possible actions you can perform are quite versatile. The program’s numerous configurations let you fine-tune it to your needs and you can personalize the application to meet your preferences. The interface is well-structured and organized, it’s quite easy to navigate and use. No installation is required, it’s only a matter of minutes after you click to start using the application. The interface is not complicated and not too troublesome even for non-technical users. It allows you to create notes and categories, and there are a lot of useful features to add and quickly locate them. The interface is a classic window with a couple of well-structured and interactive tabs. You can track your work or project, organize and find every note at any moment. It offers you a visual interpretation of your system, with a couple of useful options available. If there was a downside, it’s that a filter is needed in order to locate notes, but this can easily be done by selecting the notes the user wants to access from a wide range of options. You are also advised to have a particular note saved on your computer. A note for privacy and security issues As soon as you start typing a note, it’s sent directly to your computer. If there are sensitive info, note categories can be employed to keep them in the system only temporarily. Absolute Size Manager is a simple tool with a couple of useful features and an easy to use interface. It has a tabbed layout and you can quickly locate the necessary options and filters. Its a simple tool that enables you to quickly eliminate or move any file into an archive or its original location, thus increasing the speed of the computer. Flexible and simple interface Installing this tool is a fast and simple job that shouldn’t give you any trouble. No error dialogs popped up, and the app didn’t hang or crash. If you’re a beginner or a non-technical user, Absolute Size Manager is the right app for you. You can set it to run on all the time, or whenever there are file changes or actions that you’d like to take place without the need to go to the shell or reboot the computer. Evaluation and conclusion This utility doesn’t have any advanced options or advanced configurations. It has a simple interface and it’s 2f7fe94e24

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This is a very suitable choice for beginner users, as it offers a very user-friendly interface and a set of tools to help you manage the application. It offers a wide variety of customization options, but the real standout feature is the possibility to choose to have the application run on a selected computer all the time. We enjoyed the ability to arrange the diary in a grid view and the calendar as the primary tool. The interface is compact and nice to look at, and it allows users to quickly access information regarding the entries that are stored in the diary. But what makes the application excel in usability and customization is the extensive set of features. In the main panel, you have the ability to organize the diary in a way that is very user-friendly and practical. The process is quite straightforward, as there are several tabs that allow sorting, filtering, searching and highlighting of the entries. Our favorite feature is the possibility to organize the diary based on the type of information and the time you are storing the entry. Furthermore, you can categorize each entry by adding a sub-diary and assign it to one of your existing ones. Additionally, you may even keep multiple diaries, but each diary can have a unique color and font. To manage diary entries, the tool provides a convenient main panel. In it you have a set of tabs that include the ability to sort, search and highlight entries. Entries are added with a basic template system, so you can have several ones that all the entries will use. There is also the support of “Jump Lists” and “Context Menus” that will enable the tool to interact with Windows and other applications directly. The program also features the support of various file formats, with quite a nice set of filters to help you pick the ones you are interested in. Additionally, you may share the diary entries with friends and colleagues via e-mail or download the files as PDF. Lastly, the application may be run in a portable mode that will only require a USB stick and will run without any problems on all computers. Common limitations One of the biggest issues we have with Diary is the limitation of the number of notebooks you can have. On top of this, all notebooks may be used for only a single login. Plus, each notebook may not contain over 10,000 entries. Thankfully, the program works just fine with a set of up to 5,000 entries and 10 notebooks, with which you will be able

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Personal Diary – a place where you can easily manage events and be reminded of tasks you’d like to do. It can be viewed as a digital calendar, or as a simple task manager. Technical details: Easy-to-use interface. Tasks are added/edited in seconds. All events and tasks are stored in separate threads. As a result, your computer will never become unresponsive. The program saves the data on the user’s hard disk. It does not require Adobe Reader. Comes with multiple layouts which can be easily adjusted to your needs. Contains additional free themes to keep it modern, fresh and attractive. Features: * Add task or event to the Diary. * See the due date of any task or event. * Simple and easy interface with little to no interface elements on task view. * All the data you enter will be saved on your PC’s hard disk. * Events and tasks can be viewed as card view, thus, you can view the date of the event or task easily. * A special structure for events allows you to save additional data as needed for each event. * You can easily add an optional annotation for the events and tasks. * You can adjust the layout of the Diary. * You can easily change the layout of tasks and events. * You can hide tasks and events with one click. * The plug-ins for the Diary were saved in the program so that you can use them without having to install them. * When you close the Diary, its plug-ins will automatically close. * View upcoming events by the calendar widget. * View each task or event in the Diary from a widget view. * Export contacts to a file. * Move events or tasks by dragging them. * Start work on any task or event when you launch the program. * Mark tasks and events with due dates, and set the start/stop date when creating/editing events or tasks. * You can view the Diary in the default widget view. * You can configure a task or event and click the ‘Memorize’ button to set the due date. * Allows you to add a task/event with predefined information and automatically fill it out. * You can set the priorities for each task and event. * Set a category for each task or event. * You can set a custom start time and a custom end time for each task or

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– DVD recorder recommended but not necessary – A TV with a NTSC or PAL input of 720p or 1080i – No HDTV display is required – You can play this game on your computer using the included emulator. Read below for information on how to set up the emulator for this game. To change the language and subtitles, press the left arrow button on the remote control to display the subtitle menu. Select one of the languages available. — Videogame System Features: – A camera can be

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