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**Using The History List**

Use the _History List_ located at the bottom of the Photoshop workspace on the far right side of the screen. This feature provides a hierarchical history that goes back to the most recent edit you’ve made.

• Previous History: Click the _Previous_ button, which is located just above the History List. This option essentially goes back one page in the history so that you can review your work before making changes.

• Recent History: Click the _Recent_ button to bring up the most recent history of any given image. If you’re using the Brush tool, the history of your brush strokes will appear.

• Custom History: Drag an image from the Files window on the left side of the workspace to the History List and drag it to the workspace for review. If you drag the image from the desktop and drop it onto the workspace, it will appear as if you’re making a brand new page.

While the History List shows a list of most recent actions, the Reverse Image Search functions enable you to search the history for text and photos.


**Setting Transparent and Hidden Edits**

When the _Transparent_ and _Hidden_ options appear at the top of the History List, they specify that you performed an edit with these features enabled.


**Using The Selection Brush Tool**

The _Selection_ tool is the tool used to create selections—boxes and circles that are used as masks for objects in an image. The four most commonly used tools are the _Rectangular_, _Elliptical_, _Freeform_, and _Bucket_ tools. A set of five other selection tools is also available in the tool box.

The Selection Brush is used to paint in selections, paint selections over areas that already have selections, and paint selections over areas that are transparent. See Chapter 7 for more information on the Selection Brush.


**The Hidden Options**

If you’re working in a file that has a _Layer Mask_ enabled, the _Hidden Options_ appear at the top of the History List. Click the _Keep Selection_ option to keep the mask intact or click the _Remove Selection_ option to remove the mask.

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This article is based on my experience working with Photoshop Elements since 2008 as well as on the lessons I have learned along the way. It is aimed at people who want to learn how to work with Photoshop Elements and want to edit images professionally.

I tried to divide this article into sections that cover the main areas of Photoshop Elements so that you will be able to concentrate on the topic in a logical manner. Many people complain about Adobe Photoshop and its complexity. Therefore, Photoshop Elements tries to provide a solution to the average user who wants to edit their own or their client’s photos.

This article is not a tutorial or a step-by-step guide, but it contains many suggestions on how to edit images in Photoshop Elements, because the user interface is much simpler. I used all my experience in managing large projects and combined that with what I learned from the tutorials I have created and from Photoshop forums.

Adobe Photoshop Elements comes with many helpful tools that enable you to edit photographs by hand. It has a variety of modes that allow you to quickly find ways to work with images. Photoshop Elements manages the entire workflow, and you do not have to know much about it in order to be able to edit.

This article assumes that you are familiar with the Photoshop interface. If you are new to Photoshop, I suggest that you read the Photoshop for Photographers PDF manual and, of course, the Photoshop Elements Quick Start Guide PDF manual. I will also assume that you already have the Photoshop software and you are looking for the Photoshop Elements interface.

Adobe Photoshop Elements in action

Install and run Photoshop Elements

Before you can start editing images in Photoshop Elements, you need to start the application. Open the software by clicking on the Photoshop Elements icon from the Home screen. You will see a welcome screen that is displayed, as shown below.

You will see a list of the most important tools that can be used for image editing. By default, most of the options are displayed with their default settings. You can easily change the default settings for individual tools, but in most cases, you will have to use the Custom options or the Edit options to fine-tune the tool settings.

When you first open Photoshop Elements, you will notice the introductory screen.

Photoshop Elements welcome screen

That screen gives you basic information about the software and shows a shortcut menu with some of the most important features, as shown below.

Photoshop Elements welcome screen

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Hawaiian Islands into a new height for photography.
I used my little Nikon D40 and shoot this amazing scene. I was surprised of the outcoming result. It was like a dream. So to outcoming result, the location is cool, the nature is beautiful and the weather is ok. If you like to shoot with waterfall, this location is your best.

Digital camera with lens 18.6mm, 28mm, 50mm, 100mm and zoom lens of 1.5x

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3 thoughts on “Photographing The Rain”

Not at all a day at Playa Del Carmen, but it was cool just the same. I think your photographs have a coherence that makes them really work. I do think you got lucky though, because the light was quite spectacular.

Great shots. I agree on both counts. The light was quite spectacular.
And you’re right; it wasn’t a day at Playa; it was a day on the road with a few stops along the way.Q:

PostgreSQL Hibernate Double to BigDecimal instead of correct result

I’m using the new version of Hibernate 4.3.5 which seems to have a bug related to BigDecimal.
I have a method that I need to parse the return value of that takes the value of a double and I do the following to convert it to the correct decimal format:
BigDecimal val = new BigDecimal(String.valueOf(value))

But if the value is 99999.999999, the value of the returned BigDecimal is 1.00000000000000012E9 which is clearly incorrect.
So I wanted to use the java 8 BigDecimal(String str) constructor. The problem is that the constructor doesn’t take in a double as a parameter. The other constructor that takes in a double as a parameter is BigDecimal(double val).
There is

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The presenter of Britain’s most controversial TV show was spared a court order banning her from entering the Muslim community after she burst into the Ahmadi Mosque near Edgbaston, Birmingham, where she waved a placard and shouted a barrage of Islamophobic abuse.

The 35-year-old, who lost viewers when she was banned from entering Britain’s Channel 4 studio in July 2017, added: “Britain First” and “Islam=Terror” before a large crowd of onlookers.

Mrs Justice Vos said it was “not acceptable for you to have said the things you said in that mosque.”

She added: “I am of the view that a prison sentence would benefit the wider community.

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Mrs Justice Vos imposed a six-week prison sentence suspended for two years, and gave Ms Hopkins 20 hours of community service, less 10 of them while in custody.

She told Ms Hopkins she would have to make “very serious amends in that mosque and elsewhere to re-establish contact with the Muslim community and heal any hurt or offence you caused”.

In a statement released by her lawyer, the presenter, who is divorced, and mother of two, said: “I would like to apologise to the people of Edgbaston for the hurt and offence I caused them.

“As I say again, I am ashamed of my actions and the hurt I caused. I am ashamed that a man I work with now has to live with the fact that he had to stand and protect me when I was abusing and shouting ‘F**k off’.

“I would like to say that I think we have learnt a lesson from this and I will do all I can to ensure this does not happen again.

“I apologise deeply for the pain I have caused to my family, friends and children and to the great mosques in Edgbaston. I am particularly sorry for my family.

“I want to state for the record that I do not know why I did what I did. I know that people feel that I was racist and they are right in that. But I was not racist. I was anti-Islam and I still am.”

Ms Hopkins, who was initially filmed using a meg

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop Cs6 Download For Pc Softonic:

Minimum specifications:
Core i5 6100 @ 2.5GHz
Windows 8.1 64-bit (October 2015 release)
More detailed requirements:
Intel HD 4600 or AMD equivalent with 1GB of dedicated video memory
Shaders: 2
Anti-Aliasing: FXAA / TAA
Multisampling: MSAA 4x / 8x / 16x
Mesh: SSAA 2x or SM

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