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You can use Photoshop Elements as well as Photoshop without any problems. Elements, which was included with every copy of the program when it first launched, is set as the default editing software in the program’s File menu. So if you choose File and then Open, it opens the software you have installed. The only time you will have trouble using it is if you accidentally select Photoshop instead of Elements.

In addition to providing image editing tools, Adobe Photoshop Elements provides tools for image organization. The Organizer enables you to use each image as a PDF file and then manage and organize the PDF files of your photo collection. Organizing a photo collection by using the PDF format keeps them in order and easy to find. The Organizer provides a PDF plug-in for Microsoft’s Windows version of Photoshop Elements. After you open Photoshop Elements (see Figure 2-6), click the Organizer button in the bottom left of the window to open the Organizer.

**Figure 2-6:** Use the Organizer to handle your images’ file format.

Photo Albums

Digital cameras and other devices can store thousands of images, but the number of albums that can hold those images is just as limited. You can create a folder for each time you take a new photo, but that folder can grow quickly. You can move pictures in a folder to a new one using the Rename command, but doing so erases the originals. Some people prefer to use the Organizer to create albums and separate images into the different albums.

The Organizer lets you create new albums from folders, rearrange the pictures in albums, and delete albums. Images can be moved to other albums by dragging them from one album to another album. You can also drag a photo out of an album to a new folder, which separates the image from the album into a new folder. You can also copy images between albums. Creating an album is a fairly easy process:

1. Click the name of the folder to the left of the image.

2. Click the little arrow (refer to Figure 2-6).

3. Select the collection of images that you want to add to the new album.

After you have selected the images, the Organizer opens an Add to Album window.

You can select images from a folder, folder within a collection, or directly from the image by either clicking the plus sign on the Select Image window or by highlighting the images in the Explorer window that appears when the

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It’s known that the professionals use high-level graphic editing applications, which are used for complicated Photoshop editing. Their popularity is mainly due to the fact that they are easy-to-use and have a sophisticated feature set. But who knows that there are thousands of photographers who use Photoshop for a day? Even if they’re not professional, they still require a powerful editing tool that would allow them to easily edit their photos.

The majority of the graphic designers, web designers and programmers use these applications to handle any kind of image editing, editing, and design. If you’re looking for an alternative to Photoshop, you have to use an image editing application, not necessarily a visual art or design application.

This article lists the best Photoshop alternatives. You will find the best Mac apps, Windows apps and Linux apps. You will find that the best of the best have similar features, but some have a strong background in this field. Let’s take a look at them.

Best Photoshop Alternatives

There are different approaches to image editing. You can go for a high-end application that is designed for visual artists and designers, or a simpler application that will be perfect for the average Photoshop user. In this guide, we’re going to show you the best Photoshop alternatives.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a powerful photo editing software that works on Mac computers, but it can also be run on Windows and Linux computers too. Affinity Photo gives you a clean interface and a feature set that is ideal for editing your images in a professional way. The maximum resolution is 16.4 MP, so you can work with large-sized images and smaller ones as well. Affinity Photo supports PSD, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and PNG file formats.

The Affinity Photo app is free for Mac users, but you will find $9.99 per year subscription for the full version. It has simple and straightforward feature set, which makes it a good choice for the beginners. It can also convert your images and create presets for the way you shoot your images.

You can download Affinity Photo for free for Mac, Windows and Linux.

It is written in C/C++ and uses the Qt library for its user interface.

Affinity Photo has 50+ features, a robust set of tools, and great support.

Adobe Photoshop Touch


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* The Brush
* The Gradient Tool
* The Clone Stamp


This is probably the most useful tool in Photoshop. It allows you to paint, erase, and retouch images. The brush can be adjusted as to how much control you give over the brush size, pressure, and angle as well as the shape of the brush. It is a standard part of Photoshop and was included in version 1, so it is very likely to be present on your computer.

The Gradient Tool

This tool creates a gradient of colors by adjusting the values of the colors you select. You can apply the gradient to any layer. The gradient can be made from a small amount of colors, a large number of colors, or various colors and color variations.

The Cloning Stamp

This tool can be used to make an exact duplicate of any area of your image. You can use it to repair any damaged, missing, or duplicated areas. The Clone Stamp is one of the easiest tools to learn but also one of the most powerful. You can use the Clone Stamp to correct damaged areas of your image and make your image look like new.

Brush Styles

When you first open a brush, you will see a box that looks something like the following:
This is the list of all the brushes in a preset. The preset is based on the standard brushes, which are the pen, basic, calligraphy, effect brush, texture brush, and flowered brush. These brushes are all the standard brushes available in Photoshop. While there are many other brushes, these are the best-known.
When you click on a brush in the list of presets, it will be highlighted. Clicking on a brush is the easiest way to apply it.

The following brushes can be adjusted for size, opacity, and hardness:

* Size: You can adjust the size of the brush.
* Opacity: You can adjust the opacity of the brush. If you have applied a lot of pixels from a brush, it is not uncommon to have some pixels with excessive opacity values in the mask. This can lead to the mask tearing or breaking at some locations. Highlighting this and then adjusting the opacity of the brush will fix this problem.
* Hardness: You can adjust the hardness of the brush.

Note: If you select an image layer and then click on the brush icon on the bottom left of the Layers window,

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