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**Introduction to GIMP**

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful open-source image editing tool, specifically designed for artists and graphic designers. It supports layers, selection, masks, gradient painting, and image transformation, and includes an advanced collection of artistic and drawing effects. With its many editing tools, GIMP is one of the most popular image editors on the Web.

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Did you know? Microsoft Elements is a trademark of Microsoft. The other two words are not.

Windows 5.0

The first major release of Photoshop Elements was Photoshop Elements 1.0. Released on April 11, 2005, this version offered hundreds of edits and tools, including:

The drawing tools were primitive and it required several mouse clicks to create most drawings. Text was created using a text tool, not a drawing tool.

The first major release was on Windows XP and Vista. Windows 7 was not supported at that time.

Photoshop Elements 3

The second major release, Photoshop Elements 3, was released on May 10, 2007. This version had the same features as the previous version but with the more user-friendly interface. Instead of two or three button windows that opened simultaneously, the window tabs moved towards the bottom of the window. The unneeded screen real estate was saved.

Windows 8

The third major release is Photoshop Elements 8. This version was released on November 9, 2011. Photoshop Elements 8 offered more features than Photoshop Elements 3 but the user interface was not as user-friendly.

Windows 8.1

The fourth major release is Photoshop Elements 10. This version was released on June 15, 2013. This release had more features than the previous version. It was also the first version that allowed password-protected files.

Windows 10

The fifth major release is Photoshop Elements 15. This version was released on July 24, 2017.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The sixth major release is Photoshop Elements 16. This release was released on August 23, 2018.


Photoshop Elements 10

The second major release is Photoshop Elements 10. This version is the same as Photoshop Elements 11 but with different tools. The features of this version include:

A new, highly customizable tool named Radial Gradient.

A feature called Auto Backdrop (Auto-background). This feature duplicates the background of the picture while saving the picture. This feature was available since Photoshop Elements 9.

A feature called Adjust Channels (Channel adjustment). This feature allows the user to adjust the red, green, and blue channels separately.

A feature called Rotate Image (Rotate). This feature is similar to Rotate Image, which appears on the toolbar at the bottom of the window.

A feature called View Transform (Shear). This feature is similar to View Transform, which appears on

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Fluorescence microscopy for the diagnosis of oncocytic renal tumors in fine-needle aspirates.
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What’s New In?


How to cope with long method/function names in Eclipse

I’m using Eclipse PDT with PDT syntax color coding for Java. The problem is that I have a lot of long method/function names that are just too long to fit into the window. For example, I have a long method called before_the_transactional_call. I have to scroll to the right to see the whole damn thing.
Here are my questions:

Is there a way to set Eclipse to wrap long method/function names on a per-project basis? At the moment it keeps the name from wrapping, so instead I have to scroll back/forth in my IDE for code I don’t need to see.
If I need to wrap names on a per-project basis, how do I do that? Right now it appears to be a matter of manually doing something, but Eclipse offers no hint that this is possible.


You can use ctrl + J when editing code to toggle wrapping of method names (or type names or whatever).

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It is a further object of the invention

System Requirements For Photoshop 3s Download:

• Working OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1
• Memory: 1 GB RAM
• DirectX: Version 10
• Processor: Intel Dual Core 1.6 GHz or higher
• Resolution: 1080p
• Storage: 7.6 GB available space
• Audio: Stereo output
• Keyboard and mouse
• Other: This game uses additional hardware resources, turn off the visual effects in the Windows task manager
• Description: A tactical sandbox game with an epic scale.

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