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3 thoughts on “The Best-on-the-Market SNES DIYs”

I do these on a fairly regular basis, considering their simplicity, and I think it’s not only great for a cheap weekend project but also for learning electronics and introduction to small scale SMPS.

SNES DIYs and 7 segment displays are an easy way to learn about the fundamental working of the RGB colour led based display and its internal regulator circuit. They also help you understand the nature of voltage divider circuit and how the serial LCD works.

You can either use a breadboard to test the leds in real time or go for a complete build with a breadboard and some external ICs.

Ohhh. You can build it on a PCB? I’ve been looking for an excuse to order a printed circuit board. Looking forward to that, thank you!

Very nice. I’m hoping for a more awesome build sometime in the future though. *eyeroll*

To the other comments about it being a cheap hack: I think it’s ok that it’s a hack. This is a hack on a hack. This is what makes this hack so awesome. These builds are cheap hacks of cheap hacks. I think that’s what makes this site great. I am a huge fan of the site, but I am also a huge fan of these “damn it, we’ll do it again” kind of builds.Ultrastructure of spermatozoa and testes of a South-East Asian marsupial, Chaetura tristis.

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