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Realistic Cards games with emotions close to reality. Adecke include six cards games. Cultural games played around china, europe and america since the old ages. The six cards games can be played with differents variations and options. Adecke contain solo games. All games is accesible at anytime in the main menu. You start the game and play. Very simple and quick. A good time, playing cards games, in front of a table, within a couple of seconds. The six selected games contain differents kind of gameplay. The best of every style, and the best of all ludic cards games. The Bull : Also named as the “150”. The Bull is a cooperative game where you need to gather points previously bidded with your partner. You have to deal with two opponents. The goal is to get a total of 500 points (optionaly 300 pts). If you bid “The Bull” and get all points in a round, you win 500 pts. It’s an all-in case where a tiny mistake can make you plunge under even. or loose the game. The Whist : The Whist a.k.a “9” is a free for all game. You start at 9 points. Every time you win a turn, give you the opportunity to reach 0 pts. Trump cards must be a big part of your hand. Better be ready, even with your assets, your opponents keep cards that will make you fall apart. The Ass-Hole : The Ass-Hole game is a free for all party game. You have to be smart and play cards in the right time to take the seat of the president. The last player with an empty hand is the ass-hole. Something you don’t want to be. The Cribage : Every erudit know the Cribbage. It’s a mathematic game where you need to find the way to get a good amount of points in a turn. Be smart, find tricks, and get over your opponent. The Hockey : This is the memory cards games where you need to remember played cards. You have to keep in hand the cards that make you win the game Be patient, find a hole, do the pass and GOALLLL! The Speed : You last game is a real-time playing cards. Each player must play as quickly as possible. Play cards fast, make your opponent stunt and win the game.


My favourite memory card


Features Key:

  • Show or hide coins with touch: You can easily move the coins or shot by tapping the screen
  • Addictive game: A mysterious treasure lies in new environment.
  • Charming and smooth game: You can enjoy the game even with a small band of screen
  • Enjoyable game play: The game provides various weapons and equipments, various missions and functions to enable players to enjoy the game even more.
  • How to Play Tiger Fighter 1931 Sunset Game:

    1. Touch the screen to make tiger work like a car
    2. Earn points by killing nine targets
    3. Attack Tiger to the bottom line in the screen
    4. Set the screen with a treasure hunting mission
    5. Enjoy fun and exciting game with five types of obstacles to chase on the adventure and collect the coins, points and you will be the ultimate treasure warrior who holds the key of the Legend.

    Social features:

    • Challenge with more friends
    • Share beautiful memories with your friends
    • Share and compare your scores with your Facebook friends
    • Share nice photos with your friends