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Photoshop provides the most extensive support for layer masks and selections. (Chapter 14 tells you more about layer masks.) Figure 1-3 demonstrates the power of using layer masks and selections.

Photoshop offers different sliders and controls to enable you to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue of an image. This is an advanced feature, and I explain how to use it in Chapter 8. Although this chapter focuses on the controls to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the image in Photoshop, Photoshop does include a few other helpful tools for adding and organizing layers.

You can see an example of using layer masks, selections, and adjustment layers in Figure 1-3.

Figure 1-3: Any image can be a poster with this workflow.

Introducing Elements

The newest version of Photoshop is Elements, which includes all the features found in Photoshop CS5 (the current version) and a few new features. Elements is a new standalone program. It’s not compatible with Photoshop CS6. In addition, the program is available as a version on DVD or as a download, and it also comes with a low-priced Photoshop Elements software suite (as of this writing, the suite includes two apps: Quick Edit and Photo Fix) for download.

Elements starts out as a simplified version of Photoshop. The interface is quite different from that of Photoshop CS6. Elements allows you to perform most of the editing tasks you can do in Photoshop, but with some shortcuts. Elements is designed for beginners.

Unlike Photoshop CS6, which shares a lot of features with the new Apple Aperture, Elements is missing a few features, primarily commands for working with specific types of media. The program lacks a basic PDF printing capability that would allow you to create a basic printout from your document (see the upcoming section “Adding and editing text,” for details on printing in Elements).

You can, however, simply choose File⇒Print and then print out your file.

The interface is pretty easy to learn. The program supports drag-and-drop features. You can type and click and use some of the tools in the top bar. The program provides a huge library of filters, as well as the ability to create your own. And you can save files in four different formats: PDF, PSD (a Photoshop native file format), JPEG, and TIFF.

Elements doesn’t include any preinstalled fonts — instead, you need to purchase fonts separately.

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The following list of professional and advanced Photoshop features will help you make a distinction between the two.


Color grading filters, color replacement filters, lens correction filters, glow and blur filters

3D features (including gradient map)

10+ customisable filters


Pen tool

Magnify tool

Filter and adjustment controls

Hue/Saturation tool

Levels tool

Curves tool

Gradient tool

Content-aware fill


Clipping mask tool

Fluorescent tools

Position/Align tools

Rotate tool

Smudge tool

Smooth tool

Pen pressure tool

Selective tool

Transform tools

Pixar software

Adobe After Effects

Every feature on the list can be found in both versions, but if a feature is only available in Photoshop, it is marked as advanced.

1. Why Photoshop Elements?

Adobe’s most successful software is Photoshop which was first released in 1994. It dominated the industry for many years and was the first software designed and created for professional photographers.

It is the go-to piece of software for graphic designers and web designers and is also used for image editing by the average person. Almost everyone knows Photoshop to some degree, but Elements is a lot less well known and is aimed at the casual user.

It is aimed at individuals who want a single piece of software that can do everything they need, but who are not professional photographers.

An example of Elements’s distinctive user interface is the tabbed workspace. It can be found in both versions and works in an identical way. It allows you to work on files with different tools without switching tools. Adobe has automated this function to a large degree, making life a lot easier for most people.

If you’re looking for features, then Photoshop Elements is probably not for you. It’s a much simpler image editor. On the other hand, if you’re already familiar with Photoshop and want a lot more functionality, Photoshop Elements is the perfect place to start.

2. Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Elements 12 share many features

Despite having a very different user interface and different software, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop share many of their most popular features.

The most obvious feature they share is the Photoshop Creative Cloud subscription required to purchase. This means that any new features that are released

Gradient Style Photoshop Download For PC

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The combination of effective DA agonists induces apoptosis in microglia. {#sec3-7}

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Chinese group to add $1bn to Paypal, Visa’s ChitChat Published duration 4 February 2014

image copyright Shutterstock image caption How do you like my chit-chat?

A Chinese group that has almost a billion followers is to sell its first investment in the US, increasing its stake in e-commerce pioneer Paypal.

Jardine Matheson has agreed to buy a 50.01% stake in Paypal for $844m (£528.6m), the buyout arm of conglomerate CK Hutchison said.

Paypal controls most of the global online payments market.

The firm also agreed a share buyback of $750m.

The deal will add $1bn to Paypal’s total shareholder value, it said.


Jardine Matheson is a group of businesses that make everything from fireworks to pet food. It employs nearly 11,000 people worldwide.

Its chairman, CK Hutchison’s Chew Keong Hwee, said the investment would “provide necessary capital to strengthen our core platform of businesses and allow us to progress in our evolution as an investment company”.

He said that Jardine Matheson had fully exercised its option to buy out the remaining shares at a “significant discount” from their current market value.

“This is a constructive step forward for the company as we build shareholder value over the long term, adding to the current $300m in earnings,” he added.

PayPal said that the transaction would enable the company to accelerate its growth in China, where it is growing at almost 40% a year, and to penetrate the mainland market.

media caption Paypal chairman and co-founder Peter Thiel joins the BBC’s Mark Lobel

Mr Thiel, who was Paypal’s chairman when it started as an online payments company in 1998, is now chairman of the venture capital firm Founders Fund.

“Chinese consumers are becoming more avid users of technology,” he said. “Paypal’s products allow them to take payments anywhere in the world, both on the web and on mobile.”

In 2012 Paypal’s revenues rose by 52%, to $5.5bn.

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