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Regression Analysis Calculator offers you a quick and easy means of computing regression based on several models.

Quick Launch:

Standard Regression Analysis

Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient (r)

Statistical Test of Significance

Ordinary Least Square (OLS)

Coefficient of Determination {R2}

Standard Error Term

T- Test

Available Models:

1. Neg Binomial
2. Categorical Regression
3. Poisson Regression
4. Gamma Regression
5. Normal Regression
6. Logistic Regression
7. Polynomial Regression
8. Gamma Binomial

Excel Support:


As your Excel is a Windows program, we offer a simplified version of the Regression Analysis Calculator. Instead of offering an Equation Calculation tool, we integrate directly into the Excel environment. In this way, you can easily compare the various analyses as you perform them.

Regression Analysis Calculator Needs Excel to run.If there is no Excel found, the program can be started manually. For more information see the manual.

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Regression Analysis Calculator

Regression Analysis Calculator Serial Key is an easy and quick tool to compute regressions such as
multiple linear regression, multiple logistic regression, Poisson regression,
decision tree regressions, neural networks, and more.
With this free calculator you can quickly compute
Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r),
Ordinary least squares (OLS),
Coefficient of determination {R2},
Standard error term,
t-test and its confidence interval.
This calculator can be useful in many fields:
– medical economics – business – statistics – pharacology
In every year medical institutions plan their budget as patients need the latest technology to increase their chances of survival.

The trend in these industries is to implement more advanced techniques in areas like surgery and medicos.
So the Manager of these institutes need to know certain things in the departments e.g. The percentage of the patient saved by the institutes.
We can use our regression analysis calculator to learn about one of the following:
– Old techniques and new techniques (comparative)
– The effects of different variables on a variable (regression analysis)
– Improvements in medical procedures
The statistics in this calculator can be
– Linear regression
– Exponential regression
– Logistic regression
– Log normal regression
– Max min regression
– Probit regression
– Log logistic regression
– Negelkerke’s alpha
– Z-test
– Chi-square
– Regression analysis: coefficients table
– Best Linear Regression
– OLS regression
– ANOVA-test
– Wilcoxon test
– Coefficient of Determination {R2} and Confidence Interval
– t-test
– F test
– One Way ANOVA
– Levene’s test
– Pairwised t-test
– Kruskal Wallis
– Repeated measures ANOVA
– Non Linear Regression
– Regression analysis: equation
– Regression analysis: polynomial
– Regression Analysis: logistic
– Regression Analysis: polysine
– Regression analysis: polynomial
The calculator offer different sample formats in:
– MS Excel
– Microsoft Access
– R
This calculator provides different types of output for:
– Regression analysis (Linear or Non linear)
– Best Linear Regression (SLR)

Regression Analysis Calculator Free Download For PC

Calculate the standard error, regression equation, t-test, p-value, output file type, etc. of the model.
*** Author: Lucas E. Presti
Contributed by: Manuel Borrias (

Example of use:

Sample Screenshot:


This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3. The program includes license information
in the default window displayed when it is started. This license is the GPL version of the GNU General Public License
by Bruno Haible . It is licensed as explained in the GNU General Public License version 3.

If you accept the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License version 3 in its full text, and if you
are the copyright owner of this program, you may designate any section of this program as a non-essential part
of your work; otherwise, it is your choice whether to permit this use, providing that you, the copyright owner,
do all of these things:

a) Accompany this program with the complete version of the GNU GPL and this version of the GNU General Public
License written in the body of the file called “license.txt” in a file called “license” under this program’s
license, as part of your ongoing copyright notice for this program.

b) Otherwise, give your notice of the copyright, this list of conditions and the disclaimer described in
section 4 of the GNU General Public License version 3, and the priority sections (for example, a copyright
notice and a warranty notice) listed below.

c) Alternately, convey the above copyright, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer, without
modifying the results in any way, by making available use of the utility in the package, without charge, to
the recipients of this software, provided you have removed the license notices for this program and are
offering it as an unmodified, generous contribution to the general public, and provided a full description is
available of the product as furnished by the authors, in the accompanying materials.

d) If only executable code is generated by this program, make corresponding source code available to
computers running the same or higher versions of the GNU operating system, but do not distribute source code
of any work that uses the software for commercial purposes.

e) If the program is designed to be used by the United States Government for

What’s New In?

Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r) is a measure of the degree of association
between two quantities. Regression Analysis Calculator provides you with an
easy means to compute r for several regression models, including linear, logarithmic
or polynomial models with some basic assumptions. If the Excel function NORMSINV() is
available, you may use it to get the value of r.

Standard Error of the Estimate (S.E.E.) is the standard error, if the
regression is based on a mean of n observations, n- 1 or n- 2, depending upon
whether you have one, two or three predictors. This is useful when you want to
compare the error from one regression to another one. In case of a regression with
mean of n observations, n- 1 or n- 2, you may use standard error of the estimate to
compare the error from one regression to another.

Coefficient of Determination {R2} is a measure of the amount of variability in the predicted
values of y that can be accounted for by using the model. R2 values may be
viewed in two ways: percent and raw. A percent value gives you the ratio of the
variation that is explained by the model to the total variability that can be
explained by the model. On the other hand, a raw value gives you the ratio of the
variation that is explained by the model to the total variability. So, R2 =
total variability explained/total variability.

T- Test for Significance is a test of a hypothesis that the true mean value of
Y is equal to a specified value. The hypothesis in a t-test is that the true
mean of Y is equal to a specified value. T-Test is used when the estimated mean
of Y is compared to a specified value.

Statistical Test of Significance: As a statistical test, a probability statement
may be used to assess the likelihood of observing an outcome that is as extreme or
more extreme. This is based on the observations and the assumptions that the model
is describing.

Recent Comments

Welcome to Regression Analysis Software

Regression Analysis Calculator helps you learn and practice regression. There are
several regression models available, including Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient (r),
Ordinary Least Square (OLS), Partial Least Square, Probit and Log

System Requirements For Regression Analysis Calculator:

Supported OS:
10/08/2014 – Updated Target Data to Windows 10 Version 14393 – 10/14/2014
Windows 7/8/8.1/10
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9
DirectX: Version 9
DirectX Shader Model 3.0

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