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At the moment of its inception, the Elden Ring Download With Full Crack is a living, breathing world full of magic, fantasy, and mystery. It is a world that existed before the dawn of time, before humanity came to exist. It is a world that exists parallel to our own, a world with an endless night sky, and an endless night sky is where the stars shine. A world that lives in a tangled web of darkness and the light of the moon.

Over the course of time, the Elden Ring came under the influence of Az’kerash, the leader of the Black Dragon Clan, who led a war against the people who lived there in an attempt to take over. He wished to rule the entire Ring and subjugate all the people living there.

Az’kerash gained control of the Elden Ring through the use of a Living Spell, and there are many things that still bear his imprint on the world. The people living in the Elden Ring (the “Elden Lords”) believe that magic has been lost there, and no one knows who the master of the Black Dragon Clan is, or even if there is such a person.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Create Your Own Character
    In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
    A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
  • A Networking Game in Which You can Feel the Presence of Others
    An online network, where you can feel the presence of others.
  • Multiplayer, Where You Connect Directly with Players Around the World
  • In addition to huge dungeons and mobile play, the game features many dungeons filled with monsters, rare monsters, items, and traps; a fully refined online function; a new main story called the Slam Ring; new main characters; level cap increases to 50; and plenty of rewards.

    For more details, here, where you can find information such as dungeons, quests, and characters.

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     September 28, 2018 for PS4
     October 2018 for PC
     November 2018 for Xbox One <


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    Fast-paced battles in the fields of the Elden Ring.
    Encounter enemies, defeat them, and attain new powers!
    Delve into the action with an unprecedented enhanced battle system, system of capacity development and attack, and the intuitive control system.

    High-quality 3D graphics

    A vast world awaits you!

    ■ Encounters – Experience new battles in the fields of the Elden Ring!

    Battle the foes you encounter in the fields of the Elden Ring.

    Battle monsters and brandish the powerful magic of the Elden Ring with agility, so you can immediately wield the weapons and magic that suit your play style, and protect yourself against bosses and even more intimidating foes.

    Sub-Character Customization

    Build the character that you want to be!

    Character creation is easy and lets you freely combine and equip the weapons, armor, and magic that you use. Your character’s strength increases according to your play style. The character creation function, “Create a New Character,” is available in the game’s Title Screen.

    Character Background

    A story written in fragments.

    A multilayered story that unfolds as you delve deeper into the game. A new online game system is also included, so you can feel the presence of your enemies in the game’s Item Select.

    Stamina Bar

    Represent your general strength and boost it up.

    Take control of the Health Bar, which displays the level of your Stamina, and boost it up. Stamina recovers when you rest, and you can even create temporary potions by consuming elixirs.

    Marks of Experience

    Increase your strength and capacity!

    Increase your Stamina Bar to better face your enemies.

    When you perform actions, your Stamina Bar increases and you can even temporarily enter the “Target Mode”. This allows you to find enemies more easily.

    Equipment Allocation

    Equip the equipment that best suits your play style.

    Empower the equipment you equip, and strengthen your character in accordance with your play style. By equipping weapons and armor that are suited to your play style, you can even increase your critical rate.

    Power Level Increase


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ]]>Mon, 13 Jul 2018 19:00:00 +0930Days of Summer – Day 12: Move Forward Like Eliath
    Suspense and shiver, heavy atmosphere and jump from joy, and fairs and courtesies to be observed as many times as it is able!

    The Land Between is an oppressed and sealed-off land. Over the course of about 400 years, the Noxians have incited the ire of the sleeping gods into violence. After a brutal war, and with the aid of an army from across the Northern Continent, Noxian demons’ voices sound in the land. In the heat of battle, a young drummer boy named Eliath burned himself out of awe upon witnessing their godly power. In doing so, he pledged his life to the Elden Ring, a divine weapon that was past into the care of the Shadow Savants. After a while, the Ring’s director vowed to grant Eliath’s wish of finding and awakening true power. The young drummer boy was delighted to discover that he had come to the Land Between with a power deep within the fort; just follow the sound of soul-sinking cries of the people, and his wish will be granted. The young drummer boy decided to adopt the name “Eliath” and perform the virtue of increasing the Ring’s power, but, upon his original intent to awaken his godly power, he awakened a rage deeper than human-level — something he had forbidden himself to acknowledge — and for it, the power he acquired was nothing but an empty shell of an Eliath. He cursed and reviled the Drummer, and returned to the Land Between entirely unaware of its true realm.

    Eliath’s character increases along with the Ring’s power and strength as he travels the world, and he will learn the days of the gods, hand-in-hand with the Land Between, in line with other characters. All he has to do is mingle


    Free Elden Ring Crack Serial Key

    Download the full game from this link:

    Install and run the program

    Extract the game from the archive

    Copy all files into the main folder of your installation of the game. For example C:/Games/TavernMud/Directory/

    Select your preferred language and press OK

    Enjoy the game! The game is available in English, German, Italian and Spanish.

    When you return to the Main Menu go to the “Taken” tab on the bottom of the page. There is a bug where after saving, changing the game map or character name and then resaving the map or character name is canceled. To fix this go to “Options” then go to “Save”. Set “Delete saved games upon file save” to “on” and save the game.


    Step one: Power up – Before you do anything that would corrupt your save file, open the menu bar and click on the Power UP button. While you are not in battle, you can do this every 15 minutes, which requires no power.

    Step two: Master your skills – Every skill has a bar that fills up as you use it. You can either increase that bar by using the skill, or increase the skill cost by spending more than you have. You can add up to 3 skills to your load out to start with.

    Step three: Donate to contribute – You can donate any number of gold coins to contribute to the team’s resources. Spend time doing quests to earn points. You can donate as little or as much as you like.

    Step four: Watch out for bugs – If you find a bug, click on it to see if it is only for you or if it is a known bug. Otherwise report it to our forum.

    Step five: Pick your upgrades – When you are in the load screen, move the mouse to one of the circles. If your cursor is pointing to the top circle, that means you have selected the strongest variant of the upgrade. You will either get better stats, a unique ability, or both. If your cursor is pointing to the middle circle, that means you have selected the lightest variant of the upgrade. You will either get more points or money, but that isn’t really that important.

    Step six: Check out the info


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    System Requirements:

    Supported Window/Mac System Operating System:
    Windows 7 64bit/Windows 8 64bit/Windows 8.1 64bit/Windows 10 64bit/Windows Server 2016 64bit.
    Mac OS X 10.9 or later
    Note: It is recommended that users run the game in the graphics settings option “No Anti-Aliasing”.
    Supported High-end Graphics Card:
    Intel® Core™ i7 (desktop CPU) or AMD Athlon® Processors
    Supported NVIDIA™ GeForce™ GTX or AMD Radeon™ RX Graphics


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