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SimpleOCR is a lightweight, very comprehensive application designed to provide users with an alternative to the tedious task of retyping printed documents if they do not have access to the digital version of the written data.
This simplistic tool is provided with optical character recognition, which is basically the transfer process between handwritten or typewritten text to digital machine-encoded text.
SimpleOCR thereby features a series of options that have the explicit purpose of making the above mentioned process as easy and effective as it can be.
First of all, the application features TWAIN scanning, allowing users to scan their documents directly within the SimpleOCR interface saving valuable time with file transfer. Users can manually specify the areas they want to process and edit image zones (equally easy to extract).
Bold, italic or underlined text is instantly recognized and reapplied, so that the final resemblance with the original printed document should meet a very high level of accuracy.
It is very important to mention that SimpleOCR uses three reputed English, French and Dutch dictionary resources that contain more than 120 000 words, all featured for a better correlation with the initial text.
Thus, this minimalistic app does not only recognize symbols and correlates them with a glyph database, but understands the language patterns and gives editing solutions
Users are provided with a despeckle tool that removes noise from unclear images, also helping the better definition of the end result of the process.
All in all, this task-oriented software utility does its job with a high-level of accuracy, joining all its best features in order to show that optical character recognition paired with a palette of intuitive side-features save precious amounts of time


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SimpleOCR is a Windows-based tool that analyzes scanned documents. It is a standalone tool, not requiring any further application.
It uses OCR (optical character recognition) to recognize the text in scanned documents and create a text file.
The input file is specified in.bmp (bitmap), TIFF (Tagged Image File Format),.tiff or.tif format.
A limitation in the.jpg or.jpeg file format is that the image is compressed to the file format and the SimpleOCR program cannot recognize the image due to the lack of file information.
SimpleOCR Features:
Support for most scanned documents formats:
Microsoft Word 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
RTF (Rich Text Format)
Scanned documents in.bmp,.tiff,.tif,.jpeg,.jpe,.jpeg,.jpg format
Support for most OCR engines (TWAIN):
TWAIN 1.2 (BIOS), WinMSC (Win 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Acrobat 9, 10, 11
Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics 365
TWAIN 2.0 (Windows 7 and newer)
After opening the file, the user can start with the document settings. From the Scan window, he/she can open the document in a new window (click Open) or open the document that is already open in a new window (right-click on the document and select Open in a new window).
To improve the performance of the application, it is advisable to activate the TWAIN scan manager (the icon is an “L”). When the scanning is finished, a notification is shown.
For information on how to open documents directly within the program, see the help window.
Users can also open scanned documents directly in the SimpleOCR program. In this case, the scanned image will be opened in the edit window, and the user can edit the document directly.
To open the document within the program, open the file, and select the Open window from the context menu (right-click).
Here the file is opened in the SimpleOCR program with the default settings. Users can change the appearance and show/hide features at any time (see the help window for more information).
When the scan is finished, a notification is shown.
To minimize the

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Photograph Layout Software: Process, Print and Design your photos

Layouts are an integral part of any project. Get images from your mobile phone, photos from your scanner, or you can take your own photos!
When you’re in the process of editing an image from a mobile device or scanner, it’s very easy to want to make an error and crop or rotate the photo.
If you’re like me, you always want to find a solution to that problem by simply cropping, rotating or resizing.
This is where Layout in a new dimension comes in.
Now you can cut, crop, rotate, resize and export images with the touch of a button.
You can also use the normal image-editing tools to make adjustments.
You can use the designed image file as a print template for your printer, choose a color, position and size for your image, and get ready to print.
In addition, the system has built-in image-to-PDF (Adobe Acrobat) converter so you can quickly print or export any edited image in PDF format.
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Crop, Resize and Rotate with Layout

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The Photos app is the hub of your camera life.

You can edit and share your photos right from the app. There are thousands of ways to enhance the beauty of your photos.

Photos app lets you use any one of the five editing tools – Filters, Crop, Rotate, Straighten, and Auto Fix – to edit your photos, and lets you share the photos you’ve edited to your social networks.

Photos app is the fastest and most efficient way to edit and share photos. Photos app works with all supported devices.

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Quickly and Easily Access Over 100,000 Photo Effects

The Photos app is the fastest and most efficient way to edit and share photos. It works with all supported devices.

The fastest way to edit and share photos.

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This state of the art library can help your application with a wide selection of new objects and their properties. You are provided with the means to create objects that inherit the properties of other objects in your application. Key-macro objects can be used to customize your application.
NewKeyWindow provides a new, contextual window in the system’s main window.
NewKeyWindow is similar to the ContextualWindow class from Microsoft Visual Basic. It also allows you to automatically assign custom text, a title, and close button to your new window.
You can define keyboard shortcuts for the windows, and when a window is minimized or maximized, it will be a new window instead of a new tab.
The newKeyWindow class is derived from Window and Control classes in VB.NET, so it inherits most of the features of both classes.
A newKeyWindow can be either persistent or transient. If the newKeyWindow is persistent, it will continue to exist when you minimize or restore the program. It will remain in memory after you close the program.
Also, the Text property of the newKeyWindow will be updated automatically, whenever the Title property changes.
In a persistent newKeyWindow, the WindowClosing and Closing events will fire. When the Closing event fires, the text property will be updated with the value of the WindowTitle property.
Programmer’s Notes
This article explains how you can implement a newKeyWindow class in your application. For further details and help with this topic, please refer to:

Register a newKeyWindow in a Windows Form
NewKeyWindow w = new NewKeyWindow();
w.WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized;
w.Visible = true;
w.MinimizeBox = true;
Console.WriteLine(“minimized the Window”);
// Show the Window
w.Visible = false;
Console.WriteLine(“restored the Window”);
// Hide the Window
// IMPORTANT: NewKeyWindow is transient; it will not remain in memory

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System Requirements For SimpleOCR:

Release Date: 15 April 2017
Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Minimum Requirements:
CPU: Intel® Core i5-2400 or AMD FX-6100
Additional Notes:
You can install it on any computer with a USB stick as long as it is large enough to hold the game installation files.
You can save your games between sessions by transferring them to another machine.
You can start

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