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Image collections need constant attention and periodical organizing, especially if new items are being added on a regular basis. In addition, some of them might need a bit of retouching or enhancement, in order to correct their flaws and improve their overall quality.
View and catalog your photo collection
STOIK Imagic delivers all of these features and a few more, allowing you to perform a wide array of operations on your pictures. Besides being a fully-featured media browser and viewer, the application can also rotate, resize and enhance your images, as well as retouch defects and add effects to improve their quality.
The Dark Room feature enables you to control a multitude of parameters for your photos, including temperature, tint and saturation levels. You can also increase or decrease the exposure, add more definition to the shadows and adjust the brightness and contrast levels. Furthermore, you can access more advanced features, like sharpness, red-eye removal or chromatic aberration.
Send the pictures as email attachments, or upload them on Facebook
After you finish editing your collection, you can start sending the files to your friends using the built-in email function, or make them public on the Internet by uploading them on popular image sharing websites, such as Flickr or Google Picasa. In addition, you can post them on your Facebook timeline directly from inside the application. Web albums and animated slideshows can also be created using STOIK Imagic and you can even save the slideshows as executable files.
In order to keep close tabs on your collection, the utility enables you to view detailed information about each item, by accessing its EXIF data. This can also be used to sort and search through the images, as well as add Geotagging locations using Google Earth.
Closing arguments
Thanks to the comprehensive amount of features and the numerous picture enhancement possibilities, STOIK Imagic is an ideal tool to keep your image collection organized and properly cataloged. In addition, the handy Facebook and Flickr upload functions make it even easier for you to share photos on the Internet.


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STOIK Imagic Free For Windows

STOIK Imagic 2022 Crack is an award-winning digital photo organizer that takes great images and adds additional layers to the enjoyment of your photographs. This easy-to-use utility enables you to easily perform many different functions. You can use it to browse your photo collection, edit photos, share your image with friends, and much more.
You can view images by categories, browse them by name, date, size, height or width and rotate them. You can even choose to display only the images that fit the size of your current screen.
To assist in your photographic efforts, you can use STOIK Imagic to apply filters, adjust color, reduce noise, correct curves, create black & white, RGB & Gray, rename and sort your pictures.
The Dark Room feature allows you to manipulate the color and temperature of your images. You can adjust the tint, saturation, temperature and brightness, if you decide to save the originals.
STOIK Imagic enables you to share your pictures with your friends and let them rate them on Facebook and Flickr. You can also easily create slideshows and save them as zip or tar archives, or as executable files.
Technical Specifications
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
What’s New
* Bug fixes;
* Many new features and improvements.
Read the manual
Visit the official website
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STOIK Imagic (Updated 2022)

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STOIK Imagic Keygen PC/Windows

STOIK Imagic is a program for managing digital photo collections. The main aim of this solution is to organize, view and catalog your photo collections in a way that is very easy and convenient for you. The program lets you add, delete and edit your pictures, as well as view, rotate, resize, enhance, retouch and share them online.
The app supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, and is available in 32-bit and 64-bit editions. The user interface is nicely designed and intuitive, while the program is equally easy to use.

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Jonas Kullberg

Jan 23rd, 2014

Not bad

Not bad

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Nov 16th, 2013


Very easy to use, great interface. I feel it’s best suited for a family who use computers everyday. I was a little hesitant when i got it but now I am completely satisfied. I would recommend to anyone.

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