Sunshine S-off ##HOT## Cracked Apk 254

Sunshine S-off ##HOT## Cracked Apk 254

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Sunshine S-off Cracked Apk 254

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sunshine -enQ: Jquery.change() not firing and Chrome console is not catching errors I am simply trying to catch an input change on a form. I have an input field and textarea. I am listening to the input field and setting a variable, which is then setting a password to that variable. This works fine in IE and Firefox. In Chrome, however, nothing seems to be happening. The “onchange” event doesn’t seem to be firing and the jquery error bar says there is a script error. I don’t get it. Can someone help? Here’s the script: $(function() { $(‘form’).live(‘submit’, function(){ var pass = $(‘#password’).val(); $(‘#password’).attr(“value”, pass); return true; }); $(‘form input’).live(‘change’, function() { var pass = $(‘#password’).val(); $(‘#password’).attr(“value”, pass); return true; }); }); A: Based on the above it’s probably not your script, but rather your event. I’ve set a breakpoint at the first line of your change function, and the value of the variable you’re trying to change is null. You may want to check that to make sure the input really is being changed. I haven’t gone deep enough to test for the value of the element, but if you aren’t trying to check the value of the element, the reason it’s not working in Chrome may be this. Sometimes Chrome can be finicky about such things and won’t raise an event when something isn’t changing. It is also possible that it isn’t being submitted. A: I had the same problem, the script worked in IE and FireFox, but not in Chrome. If anyone is interested I solved it with this: $(‘form input’).bind(‘blur’, function(){ //on blur the value is set var pass = $(‘#password’).val(); $(‘#password’).attr(“value”, pass); }); By By Tim Sandle Jan 10,

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