Thunderbird Email Recovery Tool V.1.1.0 Serial

Thunderbird Email Recovery Tool V.1.1.0 Serial


Thunderbird Email Recovery Tool V.1.1.0 Serial

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Single quotes and apostrophes – are they interchangeable?

When I use single quotes or apostrophes, is it normal for me to replace them with double quotes if I mean single quotes?


In general if you use single quote in a string literal you must use double quotes when you need single quote to indicate the end of the string literal.
For example:
“name is ‘Ross’ ‘andrea'”

will lead to the compilation error:

java: error: ‘;’ expected

“name is ‘Ross’ ‘andrea'”

will compile fine.
Usually there is no need to do this.
One of the most common use case is when you want to add an escape character in your string.
For example,
public static void main(String[] args) {
String name = “Anna”;
String message = “Hello, ” + name + “‘s message.”;

In this case, using single quotes for string literal is OK, as you can see, we don’t want to escape the apostrophe in single quote but using double quotes will lead to the compilation error.
String[] values = {“Anna”, “luca”, “Antonio”};
String message = “Hello, “” + String.join(“””, values) + “”‘s message.”;

will print

Hello, “Anna”s message.”


Integration using Fubini’s Theorem

I am attempting to evaluate the following integral:
$$\int\displaylimits_0^{\infty}\displaylimits_0^{\infty}\displaylimits_0^{\infty}\left(\dfrac{x}{x+y}\right)\dfrac{dx}{x}\dfrac{dy}{y} \dfrac{dz}{z}$$
I know, intuitively, to split the integral into a product of 3 integrals in the order $xyz$, but I’m not sure how to formalise this…
(Answered my own question for future reference here:

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More about the author:
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Last written update: January 2020.
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How to achieve a shareable maven profile?

I’m trying to make my maven profiles shareable between projects:



I’d like to use it in a parent pom and in the children poms.
The problem is that when I run mvn clean install from a pom with this profile, this port is not initialized.
When I run mvn clean install from a child pom, this port is defaulted, but this port is not shared with the parent.
How can I get a profile that is marked as shareable that will be available to all poms?


I think the problem is that you’re using an (a string) instead of an (a string that declares what artifact is produced).


Arranging list to look as a list

I would like to arrange a list like this one(first in the screenshot and then in the code):
list = [[‘James’,’Pleased’],[‘Ann’,’Happy’],[‘Frank’,’Happy’],[‘Hilary’,’Happy’],[‘Julie’,’Happy’],[‘Johnny’,’Happy’]]

I have made this code, but it won’t work well, since it returns the “duplicate”, even if they are different:
list =[]
for x in list:
if len(x)==1:
for y in x:
if len(x)==2:
for y in x:

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