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Unleash It, formerly known as WebDeploy, is a utility built with web developers in mind. It started as a simple application that would allow you to transfer files from one directory to another based on their file extension. Due to the growing nature of successful applications, and the need for more options, Unleash It grew to being able to transfer files based on a source directory or a Visual Studio Project to a destination directory, FTP site, or zip file.
Many have asked why Unleash It should be used over traditional utilities like XCopy, Visual Studio .NET’s “Copy” functionality, RoboCopy, etc. As each utility has their own pros and cons, Unleash It was built to try and brigve the gap between all other utilities, then expand on those features to make a well-rounded product.
Visual Studio 2005 will have some of the functionality Unleash It provides built directly into the IDE. However, it doesn’t provide the leve of flexibility that Unleash It provides.
Unleash It (formerly WebDeploy) is a programming tool which was developed to help you to transfer files on a source directory base.
Unleash It is also a utility for which those users who do not own Visual Studio .NET, or do other programming (such as PHP or “Classic” ASP development) can use. The only thing Unleash It is dependant on, is having a Windows Operating System installed with the .NET Framework 1.1.
As such, putting everything else aside, Unleash It has been an accomplishment in development for myself. It truly has been a great utility to work on, and I will strive to make it the way YOU want it. However, some features just don’t “cut” it with my original mission statement for developing this utility, so some ideas may be left out.
Here are some key features of “Unleash It”:
■ Rich Windows Based User Interface
■ Command Line Version (useful for scripts or processes)
■ Visual Studio .NET 2003 Add-In (no current support for past or future versions)
■ .NET Framework 1.1







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■ Allows you to specify any (even multiple) file types per source folder to be transferred.
Unleash It Features:
■ Rich Windows Based User Interface
■ Command Line Version (useful for scripts or processes)
■ Visual Studio.NET 2003 Add-In (no current support for past or future versions)
■ Allows you to specify any (even multiple) file types per destination folder.
■ Allows you to transfer any file type (image, text, zip, etc) to any destination (or folder) (chaining).
■ Allows you to transfer multiple files from multiple folders or source directories at the same time (as with any standard Operating System command line tool).
■ Allows you to limit which files or folders may be transferred (chaining).
■ Allows you to choose how to handle any TransferFailures (watch for progress and handle the errors manually).
■ Allows you to easily choose to just update certain folders or only certain files (chaining).
■ Allows you to use files locally or anywhere on a network (including FTP sites, Zip files, etc).
■ Allows you to use FTP Sites, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Zip files, Network Location, or even Offline Mode, and still have this utility work in any way.
■ Allows you to specify your own “unzip” process (in command line, Visual Studio IDE, or the standard file zipping functionality within Windows).
■ Allows you to specify that a destination directory or.zip file must be created in the same or different working directory.
■ Allows you to specify where a destination directory or.zip file will be created (e.g. look in “YourAppName.zip” and see “yourAppName\Directory1\Directory2” or “yourAppName.zip” and see “C:” or “C:\Users\YourName\Desktop\YourZipFile.zip”).
■ Allows you to specify that a directory (or file in a directory) must be created in the same or different working directory.
■ Allows you to verify that a file has been transferred successfully (based on the file extension for that specific file type) before the process starts or finishes.
■ Allows you to use a “custom” naming convention for “your” files based on their local or network folders

Unleash It

■ Select a file and Unleash It will copy it to a local directory, or to any online or offline location.
■ It will also perform file renaming of files that have the same name.
■ Can transfer multiple files at the same time (by adding additional wildcard characters).
■ Supports FTP, HTTP, SFTP, and FTPS.
■ Can transfer a file tree from a local directory, FTP site, Visual Studio Project, or Zip file.
■ FTP site 1:

├── Password

└── bbb.txt
■ Local directory 2:

├── Password

└── bbb.txt
■ FTP Site 2:
├── XXX

├── bbb.txt
■ TeamProject:
├── Password

├── bbb.txt
■ Zip file:
├── Zip

├── bbb.txt
■ Visual Studio Project

├── Password

├── bbb.txt
■ C:\projects\bbb\ (2)_

├── bbb.txt
■ C:\projects\bbb\bbb.zip_

├── bbb.txt
■ C:\projects\bbb\bbb.zip

With this logic I have created a rich windows based interface (the file explorer window). However, some of the more complicated features are left out of it. The program is too basic to be dependant on unmanaged code, or extra third-party frameworks.
The wealth of users with Visual Studio.NET 2003 (or earlier versions) has shown that there is a great demand for the ability to transfer files from Visual Studio Projects. Unfortunately, Unleash It can not do this. This tool has been built to provide a web developer’s desktop tool to communicate with their web server to deploy a web site. Therefore, Unleash It cannot provide the functionality to work on Visual Studio.NET Projects.
Unleash It can also

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Unleash It was developed primarily by myself and a few core team members to provide a “basic” utility to transfer files on a directory base, and to FTP site. This includes file name transfers, when copying a file from a source directory to a destination directory, or FTP site. It also includes the ability to zip or “compress” files or directories, based on the command line.
Unleash It Features:
■ Rich Windows Based User Interface
■ Compress/Uncompress Files
■ Control Who Has Access to Files
■ Directories Listing
■ FTP Sites Listing
■ Supports Zip Files
Unleash It Uses:
■ All the built-in Win32 function API
■ Assign any file-type to a file extension
■ FTP using regular command line FTP (the primary method used with the “Control Who Has Access” feature)
■ Automate Backup Utility
Unleash It Requirements:
■ Windows Operating System (either NT or 2000)
■.NET Framework 1.1
Unleash It Version History:
Version 1.0 – April 16, 2001
■ Zero Release (First Release)
Version 1.1 – June 19, 2001
■ More thorough command line options, added functions to move directories, and removed functions to compress or uncompress files
Version 1.2 – August 15, 2001
■ Added FTP Site Management to “Control Who Has Access” feature
■ Added FTP Site Definition for full FTP control (control/assignment of users and groups)
■ Added FTP Site Creation Wizard
■ Added FTP Site Description to “Control Who Has Access” feature
■ Added FTP Site Management to “Advanced Features” section of User’s Manual
Version 1.3 – September 19, 2001
■ Commands added to allow for FTP Site maintenance
■ Command added to “Control Who Has Access” feature to allow for file names to be transfered from a Directory/FTP Site base
■ Made code consistent across the functions
■ Code cleaned up
■ Commands added to allow for FTP Site maintenance
Version 1.4 – December 12, 2001
■ Enhanced FTP Site Wizard
■ Added FTP Site creation feature to the Wizard
Version 1.4.1 – June

What’s New in the Unleash It?

Unleash It will let you transfer files from a source directory to a destination directory based on a file extension. It will allow you to specify if you want to keep the original file extension, add a file extension, or turn the file extension completely off, all of which will help you to keep your configuration consistent. When an extension is specified, you can determine the type of extension by knowing the mime type, which comes along with specifying an extension. You can also exclude certain files from the transfer, or even specify priority.
There are some limitations to this tool, mainly due to the flexibility and the versatility it has. Some users have asked for a feature which will allow them to adjust the time delay for a scheduled transfer. This has proved to be a somewhat complex feature, and though I am working on it, it may be released in a future version of this application.
i. Unleash It I have posted the difference in time delay between the original and released versions. It is only.1 seconds, so it is not noticeable.
ii. Unleash It Pretty much the same as, but there is one change that I will mention. I have decided to make the “Process Output” string editable so that users will not have to guess about the content of the string variable, instead they can choose the content they want. It makes it a lot easier for users to change the process output, should they need to modify it. As it is a.NET Framework 1.1 addin, it will always be with the.NET Framework releases.
Unleash It
Image 1: Screenshot of Unleash It (Starts at 0:00)
Image 2: Screenshot of Unleash It (Starts at 1:00)


does what it says on the tin. it’s useful and you can have it do things that copy or move can’t without having to use a different tool. what i would change is that the user interface is a little difficult to find, and be more accurate in file paths.

I’m not a coder or know what there is to do here. It does what it says on the tin. I like the GUI


System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
OS X 10.8.2 (El Capitan)
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari
DirectX 10
Internet connection
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