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Selecting the Correct Filters

Most of the time, when we say “filters,” we are referring to “layer” or “layer stack” filters. These are typically a combination of adjustment layers, layers, and masks. However, filters do exist that are standalone (no “stack”).

For example, the halftone screen filter provides a filter for the grayscale layer. If the layer is darkened, the filter will make the layers lighter. If the layer is lightened, the filter will make the layers darker.

The levels filter does the same thing, but it’s for working with the layers and masks, using the lighter and darker layers. When you select the Layers panel and choose the Levels filter, you can see a series of panels that are used to control the filters.

The individual Layers panel

The Layers panel

The Default (black) Levels panel

When you are using Photoshop, whether as a beginner or a professional, you may not be certain if the filter you have applied is one of the above two or a different filter. A quick way to find out is to use the Info panel. The Info panel can be accessed by pressing F11 or the Zoom tool button.

The Info panel (F11)

The panel has four different tabs:

Filters: When you select this filter, you can see how the previous filter was applied. If you use the “Show all filters” button, you can see all filters that have been applied. The “Hide all filters” button hides all the filters.

In Photoshop CC, the Filter menu used to only have one filter: Filter (Photoshop CC) ➤ Blur. The menu has several filters now. The following list describes the filters and what they do.

Blur: Changes the radius of the Gaussian Blur or blur radius. The Blur filter is for the entire image.

Sharpen: Enables sharpening.

Noise: Enables the use of noise or random patterns to create image artifacts.

Sketch: Enables the use of sketch or dot patterns for more natural-looking effects.

Enlargement: Enables the enlargement of the entire image, or a part of the image. This filter is useful for creating an email-sized version of a larger image.

Smooth: Enables the smoothing of rough edges created when using image enlargement

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The two versions are almost the same but with some differences. The elements version is only available for Windows (Mac version does not have the option of moving/rotating the screenshot of an app).

It is free to download and has no ads, it has fewer or no paid-only features.

The options are:

Set up your system for the elements.

Add and remove existing presets.

Make a folder and import existing images.

Merge and split one or more images.

Brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and color.

Smooth, sharpen and increase image size.

Colorize to get black and white.

Reduce white and black.

Correct and enhance colors.

Enhance details.


Apply effects.

Adjustment tools.

Trim, crop and resize.

Convert to grayscale.

Add text.

Duplicate an image.

Image editing tools: Pencil, ruler, eraser, color picker, marquee, transform, transform warp, lasso.

Layer tools: Layer mask, layer styles.

Transform tools: Straighten, rotate, resizing, mirror, flip, distort, scale, crop, shear, perspective.

Adjustment tools: Hue, saturation, lightness, contrast, color balance, sharpen.

Resize tools: Resize image, percentage and pixels.

Settings: Preferences, tools, panels, etc.

Import and export: Crop and adjust images.

Enhance quality: Picture stabilizer, ACR options.

Gallery: Load and save images.

This website has detailed guides, such as how to use Photoshop, how to use Lightroom, how to use Gimp, how to use darktable and more. It also has great resources, like un-official guides by the photographer who created the material, tutorials for beginners, advanced tutorials, Photoshop and graphic design articles, news, and tutorials on how to make your own graphics and memes.

We hope that this website will help you with finding the information that you need and that it will be useful to you. We also hope that you like the work that we have done on this website. We love to create and share content on social media for the people who want to create content to share it with the world.

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Splitting string into multiple rows with PHP

I have an array that holds a list of strings from a query. The array is actually quite a long string, but its not important for this issue. The query pulled from the database, and it gets built up using an array:
$arr_eng_list = array();
while ($row_eng_list = mysqli_fetch_assoc($eng_list_query)) {
$arr_eng_list[] = $row_eng_list;

What I then want to do, is create seperate rows in my form, using the query results.
For example, lets say I have this string:
“Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Geology, Bioinformatics, Accounting, Business Management, Communication, Music, Art, Social, Media, Social, Media, Social, Media, Social, Media, Media, International, Latin, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Ancient Greek, Arabic, Theravada Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Russian, Persian, History, Psychology, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy”

I then want to make a form like this:
This is a string




So that I get these results:
This is a string






Is there an easy way to do this?


You need foreach loop to iterate through your array. Code will be
This is a string

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version: 2
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base_image_digest: 690f4db7b68f3726b3f97984e2c05af8cdf3e2c55cbcce9975ca4de49744a5ce
vmware_category: machine
ver: 1.2.3
image_name: varnet/pc-0.1-base.tar
output: /var/lib/lxc/pc-0.1-base
image_checksum: f4d3beae8c7118929b9ddd18d91bd937efb0f0c18fe5aedcdfd204c9ce914c12
image_size: 5GB
image_swap_size: 5GB
image_resize: no
add_users: [root]
add_rpcs: [auth,priv]
add_rbd_pools: [dbpool, rbd, rbd-dbpool, rbd-dbpool-with-snapshots]

How to Add Data from DataGridView into another DataGridView

I’m Using this code to add data to another DataGridView from the current DataGridView1.DataSource. Here’s my code:
Dim dgv1 As DataGridView
Dim dgv2 As DataGridView
Dim dgv4 As DataGridView
Dim dgv3 As DataGridView

dgv1 = DirectCast(DataGridView1, DataGridView)
dgv2 = DirectCast(DataGridView2, DataGridView)
dgv4 = DirectCast(DataGridView4, DataGridView)
dgv3 = DirectCast(DataGridView3, DataGridView)

dgv1.DataSource = dgv2.DataSource

The code works fine, but I’m looking for a way to change the code into something more simple as this:
dgv2.DataSource = dgv1.DataSource


System Requirements For App Download Adobe Photoshop:

Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: 3.2 GHz CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 150 MB available space
How To Install:
Firstly, you need to download and install Emsisoft Emergency Kit by following the installation guide.
Once the installation process is done, you can now launch the Emergency Kit by double-clicking on the icon on the desktop.
Once the app is open, you can choose the troubleshooter from the menu bar by clicking on


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