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uSQLite provides you with a SQLite network wrapper designed to transform SQLite into a relational database management system.
Using the TechFell protocol, uSQLite can connect servers to client applications and even different systems, allowing clients to login to databases and run queries. The server supports concurrent connections and executes the queries in sequential order.







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uSQLite is a SQLite network wrapper designed to turn a native SQLite SQLite database into a relational database management system (RDBMS).
uSQLite provides users a database management tool that can be accessed as a client-server system over the network. Users can access the database directly via the API of the uSQLite server.
Feature Highlights:
1. uSQLite
A software network server that allows a native SQLite SQLite database to be converted into an RDBMS. The server supports multiple concurrent connections to the database, allowing it to be shared among different users.
2. TechFell Protocol
uSQLite works over TCP/IP sockets. It supports the TechFell protocol to transform SQLite into an SQL application.
System Requirements:
Tested on Windows XP/7/8/10.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Source Code:
1. uSQLite
uSQLite is available at Github:

2. TechFell protocol
See below link for more information:

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USQLite Crack Full Product Key

uSQLite is a network-server-client SQLite database system for Unix. The server is based on SQLite, and the client is written with the TechFell protocol. Unlike the other SQLite servers, this one compiles from source.

Supported clients:

Network-based clients can connect to uSQLite using the uSQLite Network Protocol (uSQLite-NetP) protocol, specified at uSQLite-NetP is similar to the TechFell protocol, but does not support multiple concurrent client connections. Some SQLite servers support multiple concurrent client connections, but no server that I know of supports multiple concurrent client connections.

Supported platforms:

uSQLite is designed to run on Linux and any Unix system supporting SQLite. It is included with the source distribution of SQLite; on Linux you can download the binary distribution from The TechFell server is also available on Linux, MacOSX, and Solaris. On Windows you may be able to compile the TechFell server from source.


The main uSQLite source directory contains this README file, and src/uSQLite/src/uSQLite.h, a mostly-forward-compatible header file that can be used to test for the presence of one of the uSQLite-NetP options and to decode the uSQLite-NetP protocol. Other source code files and a linker script file are in a subdirectory.


uSQLite is a protocol for converting SQLite databases into relational databases. To use it, start a server with the -netp option, and a client with the -connect option, specifying the address, port, username, password, and database name for the server. The client executes SQL statements and returns results. Clients are not required to use the uSQLite protocol, and they do not have to connect to a server. The only SQL statement they support is SELECT; they cannot INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE.

See also:


The python sqlite3 module can use SQLite database

USQLite [Win/Mac]

uSQLite is a C/C++ library that makes a SQLite database accessible from within a client application (such as a web browser, iPhone app, Android app, etc.). It has a command-line interface which allows you to create and execute database queries. It also includes an API that allows you to synchronise SQLite data between client and server, and then trigger client processes to respond to the changes to the data.

Further reading:


Definitely post a link in the comments section of StackOverflow.
It’s very likely that this has already been answered before, but I had no idea that a SQL Database could be used by any other system than itself.


Do a search in GitHub for something like: “SQLite java wrapper”.
Alternatively, the project home page also has links to a few articles on using SQLite, most notably:

SQLite with JDBC
SQLite with JNDI
SQLite with JMS
SQLite with JPA
SQLite with JAXB

SQLite is great, no doubt, but unless you have some specific need for it, I’d urge you to go with an ORM solution. There’s no reason to use SQLite directly from an application. JPA, Hibernate, etc. are much easier to use and support a larger variety of databases.

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Scenario: Check the firmware version
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What’s New In USQLite?

uSQLite is a Smart Client and Technology for managing SQLite databases
as a relational database management system (RDBMS).
uSQLite presents a SQL querying facility and provides a web based
interface for interactive querying and creating SQLite databases.
By using a technology called SQLTranslator, uSQLite allows users to
execute SQLite commands on a RDBMS server which can be a Microsoft
Access or SQL Server database system in both, server or client
mode. Moreover, uSQLite also allows users to connect to SQLite-based
databases residing on the server that belong to different users.

Request -> Server -> Database;


Deployment Modes (1)

Run On Server
Run On Client

Supported Database Systems (2)

Access, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ODBC, Sybase

Support For (3)

Visual Basic, Visual C#, C++, C#, Delphi, VB.NET, JScript, PHP, JAVA, Java, Javascript

Supported Version (4)

uSQLite 1.0 (C#, Delphi, JScript, Javascript)
uSQLite 1.1 (C#, VB.NET, Delphi, PHP)
uSQLite 1.2 (C#, JScript)
uSQLite 1.3 (JScript)
uSQLite 1.4 (C#, VB.NET, JScript)
uSQLite 1.5 (C#, PHP)


SingleuSQLite’s ActiveX control can be used only in 32 bit application

No Open Source client-side
The current version of uSQLite only runs on the server, with the server providing data to the uSQLite client on demand.


External links

uSQLite Download Page

Category:Database administration tools
Category:Open source database management systems
Category:Microsoft middlewareQ:

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