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Win32Pad Cracked Accounts is a word processing tool whose intention is to replace Windows’ Notepad, by supplying users with extra features but without compromising performance. It is mainly oriented toward programmers.
Towards the end of the installation procedure, you can integrate Win32Pad into the shell as well as associate it with plain text documents (TXT). Its interface is plain and simple, reminding us of old programming languages.
Aside from some standard editing tools (e.g. Undo, Redo, Search and Replace), you can indent and unindent a line, go to a particular line by writing its number, as well as insert the current time and date, together with an external file.
Just like Notepad, Win32Pad supports word wrapping mode. You can display line numbers, make margins visible, make the frame stay on top of other windows, create a favorites list, minimize Win32Pad to the system tray area, as well as open a new instance or pick the file format between DOS/WIN, UNIX and MAC.
A few configuration settings are available through the Options screen. Thus, you can enable automatic minimization to the system tray, to save the window position and to place any dropped files in a new window, change the text font, text and background color and tab size, among others.
The word processing tool needs only a small quantity of CPU and system memory, is pretty responsive to key strokes and mouse events, and includes user documentation. We have not experienced any issues throughout our testing. Unfortunately, no recent updates have been made to Win32Pad.

Win32Pad Features:

Notepad Replacement

Insert current time & date

Text Indent & Unindent

Format Selection

Line Numbering

Text Color / Background Color / Font Size / Tab Size

Text Wrapping

Options (e.g. Window Position, File Format)

Desktop Icon

Mac Only File Format

Automatic Minimization to System Tray

Save Window Position

Save Window Position After Drop

Save Window Position on Close

Open New Instance

Open File Format

Open File Format On Close

Open File Format on Drop

Trash Bin Support

Mac Drag And Drop Support

Favorites List

Create “Open With” Favorites List

Search & Replace

Supports Universal File Formats

Word Wrapping Support

Highly Customizable

Win32Pad Full Version (April-2022)

A macro is a combination of the standard search and replace method, or a more sophisticated string replacement.
If you need to replace, say, “hello”, with “Hallo”, just enter this in the Replace box: %hello%%hallo%
When you press Replace, the system automatically performs the string replacement. If you need to do a bit of a different function, you can use macros: a good example is replacing all words in a paragraph starting with “hello” with “Hallo”. It would take you a while to write a macro that would do that. However, Win32Pad does the job for you. Simply type ‘helloh’ in the macro box, select the area you want to apply the macro to, and press Replace. Now that’s easy!
In Macromedia Win32Pad, you can also save macros, which is really handy when you’ve got a number of macros you want to use on a regular basis.
To enable macros, go to the Options Menu, and select the Macros option. From there, you can create and save macros (with or without arguments)
There are two types of macros, and you can enable either one of them or both of them. You have the following choices:
*Enter Macros: You just enter the macro name in the box and press Replace. You can make the macro repeat or not repeat.
*Save Macros: This is the most useful option.
*Enter Macros with arguments: Here, the macros have arguments. You can give an argument to each macro, or to the whole set of macros. For example, you can make your “save macros” to actually “save your macros”, meaning that the macros are saved with an argument which is a timestamp.
This is really useful if you like to create a “macro template”, which is a set of macros to be used regularly.
* Save macros with arguments: This is similar to the previous feature, except that you are creating a macro that has more than one argument.
The arguments are a text string, and a Date and Time. The argument should be a single word, preferably with no spaces. The date and time format is : DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm, with the time in 24 hour format (HH:MM). (i.e. if it’s 2:30, the string would be “02/13/2003 02:30”).
You can enter a lot of text, for example,

Win32Pad Crack Download

Win32Pad is a multi-platform word processing tool that emulates the old MS-DOS editor Notepad, by supplying users with extra features.
The program is easy to use and has a simple interface, reminding us of old programming languages.
The included configuration options allow you to change the text font, size, background and foreground color, and tab size.
All options are saved in a config file.
Besides the standard text editing tools (e.g. Undo, Redo, Search and Replace), you can indent and unindent a line, go to a particular line by writing its number, as well as insert the current time and date.
The word wrapping mode is supported.
Each document can be printed by choosing a file format between DOS/WIN, UNIX and MAC.
The configuration settings are accessible through the Options screen. Thus, you can change the document size, enable automatic minimization to the system tray, to save the window position and to open a new instance of Win32Pad, or to change the selected file format between MODE1, MODE2 and MODE3.
The text editing tool requires a small quantity of CPU and memory. The interface is responsive and has no glitches during our testing. A documentation is included as well.
Antivirus Information:

The fake virus scanner also notes the presence of Win32Pad, although it’s not harmful (A-level).

Additional Notes:

The third-party, freeware “AswMBR” anti-malware tool claims to detect Win32Pad and its variant, AswMBR (Win32Pad Anti-malware).



Win32Pad – Internet Explorer’s Notepad alternative (in Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac)
Version: 5.1
Release Date: 2009-07-10
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, BSD
Download: Win32Pad
Developer: Dave Gunther (Davegun)
Website: Win32Pad


No, it is not a virus. And I’m sure it’s not being detected as one because it is a legitimate program. It is a program for people who write code.
How is this different from the many millions of legitimate and frequently updated viruses?


With the numbers you’re providing, and according to my viral counter, you don’t have any virus.
A virus gets downloaded, usually

What’s New In Win32Pad?

Win32Pad is a simple and fully featured Notepad replacement, that allows users to view and edit plain text documents.
It includes features such as word wrapping, auto indents and outdents, paragraph break and auto fill, table and image export, spell checking and auto hyphenation, among others.
Aside from the plain editing tools, you can also insert and manage todos, make the current time and date visible, edit colors and font, and enable or disable a favorites list.
Apart from a few configuration settings, the user interface consists of just a single window that needs no clicking and clicking to open. You can also minimize the application to the system tray and drag and drop files from the explorer.
Version Free Edition:
-Automatic minimization to the system tray (only for portable version)
-Import.rtf/.txt files to documents, from the explorer
-Link documents to a Favorites List
-Advanced text/background color configurable
-Lock screen display and password protection
-Auto text hyphenation
-Multiple keyboard languages supported
-Customizable font dialog
-Different font sizes
-Different font styles
-Different font weights
-Maximum line width customizable
-Word wrap
-Enhanced Ctrl+D in all other editors except for the command line
-Escape sequences for special symbols (e.g. \|, \+, \-, \*, \&, [, {, }, , *, /, %, ^, &, ‘, +, -, =, ~, ), numbers (e.g. 1.234, 123, 0)
-Customizable list of symbols (e.g.!, =, ~, &, %, ^, #, &, @, $, (, ), :, ;, ‘, +, -, _, /, *, /,.., =, , >=,?, :, @, [, {, }, [, ], \, (, ), {, }, “, ‘, ‘,?,!, ^, %, |, ~, )
-Automatic fonts for all text input boxes
-File backup and restore
-Visual indent and unindent
-Shift+Ctrl+Up/Down to move lines up/down
-Right/Left arrows to move line down/up
-Insert spaces to current line
-End of line auto-indent
-Indent lines at EOL
-AseEnd tab auto-indent
-Multiple tabs
-Single tab indentation
-Create another tab to the current one
-Use arrow keys to enter commands
-Ctrl+D in the command line, to load the contents of the current file into memory
-Enter to navigate to the next file
-Esc or Ctrl+C to cancel

System Requirements For Win32Pad:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10
Processor 2.2 GHz
Graphics Card 2GB
Input Controller (Joystick/ Wheel/ Trackball)
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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