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The jury’s verdict is in and the haka has decided that the “real magic” is done by the Penrose Society, not the National Volcanic Park.

The jury heard the case in a two-week trial last year, and concluded that the Penrose Society had a patent on the haka in 2011, and that the Nagle Farms entrance in Palmerston North was therefore infringing.

Winston Durno, chairman of the Penrose Society, was delighted with the jury’s decision. “We’ve always said that the haka was done by the Auckland Maori – that’s how it’s always been done”.

The jury did find a couple of instances of infringement by the National Park, but that’s not really Mr Durno’s focus.

“I don’t want to speak to that – it’s all done under a different set of rules,” he says.

“What I care about is maintaining

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How many hours of work does an interviewer need to ask questions to be considered on-site?

From the recruiter’s point of view, how many hours are required to conduct an interview? Assuming the job interview is simple and not complex, what is considered an on-site interview? As an interviewee, what is the minimum time we have to answer the questions?
My assumption is the job interview process is done in a minimum amount of time – ideally no more than 1 hour. Assuming the interviewer is sincere, the job interview should be a simple process. So, what does this process look like? An hour seems like a minimum amount of time for a job interview, and I haven’t even thought about the time wasted on logistics, scheduling, administrative work, etc…


I think your idea is excellent – I would be fine with a 45 minute interview. You just need to be clear that the candidates time is valuable, and no more than an hour should be used for any single interview. My suggestions are:

Define the role clearly – what do they need to

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